Interview with UK Anime

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Andy for UK Anime Network. You can listen to the interview here, but feel free to leave your comments here.

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  1. Great!
    I’m looking forward to listening to this interview. I like podcasts in general and it’s going to be interesting to learn more about MangaGamers.
    If you can, please appear more often on podcasts πŸ™‚

  2. Some interesting points there, I never thought that DC didn’t do so well. I can’t understand why it did worse than Shuffle!, was the Shuffle! anime much more popular than DC or something? It’s hard to believe, though I haven’t seen either.

    • the Shuffle! anime is quite good and the DC anime a total crap (IMO).
      and Shuffle! has been licenced by funimation.

      • I’ll trust your word on that. After reading both DC and Shuffle!, I haven’t had the slightest interest in watching either series.

      • SHUFFLE! and DC anime versions are biggest craps ¬¬

      • lol 1st time I have to agree with yagami here. I seriously thought the shuffle! anime was crap. I watched it because A LOT OF PEOPLE said it was good. And to my disappointment it is one of the worst harem anime period despite how many other thousands think of its quality. Maybe it may have been the best harem during its original airing, but there’s several other better harem series out there now that put Shuffle!’s anime to shame. Heck, even harem manga does it better.

        Sorry, just saying.

    • I know someone who’s compared the parts of Da Capo in the Kotori-specific version of the game, and the original release. He says they retranslated those parts, and that it is a dramatic improvement. The impression I get is Shuffle is basically their first well-known moege that actually has a decent translation.

      Too bad they poisoned the well with the crap translation job. I hated the first Da Capo so much that it basically killed any interest in the entire franchise for me.

      • Yeah, the early pre-restructuring releases really did a number on MG, didn’t they? DC wasn’t even the worst of it in terms of publicity, from what I’ve gathered. It was the atrocity of the original translation of Edelweiss that turned people away very early, and some probably still believe that MG keeps that level of translation or thereabouts.

  3. Nice podcast. Very insightful interview. One thing that struck me was the discussion about the western market, and the potential that IS there. I fully support buying copies from you guys and wish more people would support the industry, especially when it comes to stellar titles like ( have to mention this title) Kara no Shoujo. It is one of the best novels I have read, and hope more people check it out.

  4. That was enjoyable to listen to. Thanks for the insight.

  5. Bit of a question regarding the possibility of ios releases. If it works out, would you guys consider getting any of the potential ports released for the upcoming OUYA? I’m talking about this thing:

  6. Is there any way I can read the podcast instead of listening to it?

    • There are actually a few podcasts who transcribe their shows, but I think they are in a huge minority.
      I’m not sure if the UK Anime Podcast does it, but probably not.
      Podcasts aren’t something that you watch/listen to and not read.

  7. I liked the DC anime; say what you will about it, it (along with some other VN-based animes) got me into VNs and is part of how I became at customer at MG.

  8. So I guess we won’t be getting D.C.III anytime soon πŸ™

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