Tester’s Corner: Dengeki Stryker Ed. Vol 3

Today we bring you the third Tester’s Corner for Dengeki Stryker, from Pixymisa!

Striker System ‘Write your Tester’s Corner already!’ engage!

Yamato Yuuki has been chosen!

He will get to live out everyone’s dream of being a super hero!

Too bad he won’t remember any of it.

Dengeki Stryker changes the focus of recent Overdrive games from Music to Super Heroes as we delve into a world where Evil threatens the safety of Tokyo under the guise of the Balboran Empire and only one man (it’s always one man for some reason) can save it! Will he save the world? Will the Balborans prevail? Will these questions ever end?

Testing Dengeki Stryker was both a joy and a curse at times. When it gets good, you’ll want to speed through the text as if possessed, unable to stop until you see the conclusion of events.

At other times, you’ll want to speed through the text just to get to the next good part.

Thankfully, there are enough good parts that you won’t be disheartened for long. Alas, the poor humble tester does not have these options. 🙁

We also have our 2 (3?) lovely heroines joining us and you’ll be happy to hear that I don’t consider Haruna to be a useless moeblob childhood friend!

Haruna is Yuuki’s childhood friend who he’s now forgotten and she’s a girl who’s not going to take this turn of events lying down!

…or maybe she will…

Sayaka is our resident Tsundere who clearly has no feeling whatsoever for the protagonist and wishes he would stop leeching off her coffee shop. I-it’s not like she wants to depend on him or anything!


We also have Mysterious Girlfriend S (That was terrible – Ed.) who whisks herself onto the scene in the final moments of the game to spice up the proceedings as the game hurtles into it’s final stages, however her identity is a closely guarded secret…

The only thing I regret is that this game isn’t as long as your usual Overdrive affair, coming in at 15-16 hours as opposed to 35+ with previous games, however the sheer amount of awesome packed into those 15-16 hours more than makes up for those inadequacies.

Plus, could your body truly handle 35+ hours of Dengeki Stryker?

Oh, and we needed a Hilko route. That is all.

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  1. IzanaginoOokami

    Too bad Rin didn’t get a route.

  2. i wish it was longer i had to bawl for 30 min after sky saga i wish for some closure to that ending in chou dengeki striker i hope

  3. Well technically those two do in Chou dengeki stryker. Any chance for Chou being translated?

    • A big one i think. overdrive is the producer of Dengeki striker and it is the “guardian or parent” of MG so If MG got his hand on Edelweiss: Eiden Fantasia and Kira Kira Curtain Call (Both from overdrive) then there is a big chance MG get also Chou dengeki stryker in a year or year and a half.

      I’ll be expecting for Chou dengeki stryker, i’m really interested at Hilko’s and the new character’s route that appears there.

    • One would certainly hope so! Doubly so if it boosts the sales of Dengeki Stryker as well from overlapping exposure…

  4. *looks at the third and mysterious heroine*. Come on!that’s pretty obvious who she is…

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