Loren The Amazon Princess

We’re proud to announce the addition of another OEL Visual Novel to our lineup–Loren the Amazon Princess by Winter Wolves.

That being said, Loren is far more of an RPG than anything else. You start off as the male or female (your choice) slave of Loren, the amazon’s princess, and ordered to protect her in her search for her Mother. Yet, as the story goes on, fate proves to have far more in store for the young warrior princess, and your journey becomes one to unite the lands against an evil Death Knight plotting to destroy the world.

The RPG system is fairly elaborate, with a wide array of equipment and items, all useable by different characters and classes, with different skill trees available for each, along with customizable stats.

Of course, an RPG is by far not the only element to the game. Similar to popular games like Dragon Age or Mass Effect, Loren offers the players opportunities to form romances with many of the characters they meet along the way. Still, in the end, you can only consolidate one relationship per play-through, so its worth playing through more than once if you like some of the flavorful characters. Both male and female main characters can form relations with different party members, including same-sex relations, but your party members have their own preferences as well which influence the relationships.

The game is also worth playing through more than once to see the different branches and different endings it can take.

The Expansion Pack, Castle of N’Mar, adds several new dungeons, new quests, and even three new playable (and romanceable) characters too. Not to mention a couple of unique endings too. So we definitely recommend picking up the expansion as well if you’re interested in giving this game a try.

(PS: Though Loren appears on our Adult Page, it’s not as explicit as the other games on there. The culmination of the romances each feature one skippable scene, the images of which were a bit too borderline. The sexual content can be turned off if you so choose, should you prefer. Below is one of the tamer romance images.)

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  1. I’m liking this title especially for the art, romance and music plus I want to try out the rpg elements, hope there is more from them you can bring to us.
    In a separate note do you guys plan on getting any more Shuffle or Da Capo spinoff/sequels like Da Capo Plus Communication, Shuffle! Essence+ and Really? Really! which is another Shuffle game just name a few. I’m a big fan of Shuffle! and Da Capo and hope you can bring more of there games over also softhouse-seal games is a nice addition. 🙂

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