Tester’s Corner: Slave Witch April Ed. Vol 1

Tuna Salad with his ever so enticing portrayal of love and hate:

Dear Kouryuu,

Thank you for the rape “surprise-sex that she didn’t know she wanted to have” games. As you and I have known each other for many unfortunate glorious years now, you know that I really despise adore these games with a deep-seeded hatred fondness. Your insistence to give me yet another has only added to my rage our friendship and I will one day take my revenge return your kindness in the most horrific generous manner imaginable. Possibly through a car bomb copious amounts of overpriced doujinshi.


Slave Witch April is by far the most depraved beautiful title you have given me. Not only is this just rape surprise sex for sake of rape surprise sex, but there’s little semblance plenty of plot that drives the story from one scene to the next. Quite conveniently, a chart is provided for you to pick the next debauched mess loving encounter you’d like to see, to which there is then a brief exposition before the deplorable honorable Denis gets down to business.


Now I will admit, even though it was mostly a wanton mess of depravity whimsical menagerie of elegance, Maisie’s scenes weren’t too bad. At least she was awful delightful enough of a person to have got her just rewards…And the ending scenes, the ones where April is completely broken enamored, not particularly bad. Maybe I’m just a person who prefers the vanilla hardcore, sadistic rape fantasies, who knows? But at least I’m not as fucked up saintly as you.

Best scene in the game, right here!

Kouryuu, I know you want me to promote this game and get tons of people to buy it, but quite frankly, I can’t will in good conscious recommend this for anyone everyone…And you, I know you’re just going to give me another so I hope you die in a fire welcome it!

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  1. Haha that was awesome, art looks pretty good. Better than your other nukige, I might buy this.

  2. Hilarious post. Now I’m even more curious about this game

    • Also why do I get the feeling if kouryu gives Tuna Salad Orion Heart to work on things are going to turn into a live action version of Dan vs.?

  3. Great review! It really captured my feelings about the title 😉
    I have to admid that the art is quite tempting, but unfortunately I’m not really into surprise sex, especially at christmas.

    • Glad to know I’m not the only one who feels awkward about playing dark eroge on Christmas. Good thing for me that Rewrite fanlation patch came out

  4. My thoughts; regarding story is their was no real build up towards why you(Denis) want revenge on April, it doesn’t really show the anguish Denis says his been through to the reader, it pretty much is a straight sex-rump, the revenge factor isn’t really build up to make it feel has rewarding has it could have been.
    The art work is one of the more better factors, no Kagami but still of good quality even uncensored, so is the use of magic and variety of scenes. Such has Aprils own clothes violating her or her own magical clones along with monsters and so forth.
    Overall the game is not bad and one of the more lighter stylized revenge themed eroges which pretty much gets straight to the meat missing out on the gravy and potatoes that would add much more to the flavor.
    If your looking for a dark story or in-depth characterization I would skip this.
    Play it if you in for the crazy magical violating sex fun.

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