Harukoi Otome

We’re proud to announce the release of #Harukoi Otome!




A time of new beginnings,


new encounters,


and for new romances to blossom.


Experience this romantic drama


as new friendships are formed,


old relationships are tried and strained,


and young people fight for their loves against the hurdles that stand before them.

Now come, the maidens’ garden awaits.


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  1. Great!!! πŸ™‚ Can’t await to download and play it this evening.

  2. Been playing a couple hours so far, and I’ve only really got one complaint as of now: There’s no option to cut off the voices when you progress to the next line (or “click” as it were). This gets a little annoying at times since i read much faster than the characters say their lines and sometimes it ends up with a girl still talking while the main char is having an inner monologue or actually responding to her.

    Is there any way for this to be patched in as an option maybe? Pwetty pwease :3?

    • Unfortunately, this is not likely as Nexton handles the engine for this game and will not likely make alterations unless there is an issue preventing the game from running.

      • Ok, thanks for telling me :). I’ve found that by quickly scrolling up (thus opening the backlog) and then right clicking (to close it) stops voices, so I can just do that if it gets annoying :P.

  3. I keep getting a runtime error after the prologue or clicking main story. Can someone help me?

  4. pervertintraining

    Been waiting for this,
    anyone know of any walk-throughs.
    I know most people would not even be close to finishing this game yet lol,

    but i’m hoping someone who knows japanese might be able to pull the routs from a japanese walk-though.

    Thanks for anyone who can help me play this sooner πŸ˜€ (like to play all routs)

    • i’ve played one route on a second and it doesn’t seem like its all that hard just pick the girl you want the route for and random if they don’t show up

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