Announcements from Otakon 2013

Riru4This year we also have a bunch of brand new announcements from Otakon!

BoobWars2_censoredOur first big announcement is Boob Wars 2 from Softhouse Seal! Those of you who already played Boob Wars might know what to expect from this game, but this our first full-length nukige from Softhouse Seal Grandee. There’s over four times as much boob (or lack there-of) in this new title! And this time, average chests are joining the war for best breast size!

Next up, for all our fans of Shuffle! and Tick Tack out there, we’re proud to announce the next title in the Shuffle! franchise: Really? Really! The time continuum is safe this time, but Kaede’s memories aren’t! In this new game it’s up to you to piece Kaede’s memories back together!

d2bvsDDNext, for all our fans of OVERDRIVE, we’re proud to announce d2b vs DEARDROPS -Cross the Future-! When Riho sees Shoichi performing on stage with Kirari, her jealousy burns bright, and she welcomes him back to Japan with a flying kick to the face! So when Kirari asks if DEARDROPS will perform at her upcoming anniversary concert, the gloves come off. The Second Literature Club Band and DEARDROPS… what will happen when these two bands clash? How will they change each others’ lives as they both prepare for this battle of the bands?

Princess_EvangileWe’re also proud to announce Princess Evangile, from our new partners at Moonstone! This massive moege covers an entire year with great detail, split up over more than 26 different chapters, tons of event CG covering everything from special events to daily moments, and more H-scenes than any other game from the Moonstone brand! (Moonstone, not Moonstone Cherry.) There’s also lots of SD sprites, cut-ins, and other screen effects to bring this cute game to life! If you’ve ever dreamt of spending an entire year surrounded by pretty girls, then this huge game is for you!

And last but not least, for all our fans of the Da Capo franchise, we’re proud to announce our license of Da Capo 3 R and Da Capo 3 R X-Rated! 20 years after the Cherry Blossom withered at the end of Da Capo 2, it finally blooms once more, and Sakura returns to Hatsune Island. As a new generation attempts to unravel the mysteries of the Cherry Blossom and its magic, a new Sakura appears before them to tell the tale of London, over a century ago, when all of them first met… We plan to release both the all-ages and adult versionΒ  simultaneously, a first time for us at MangaGamer.

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  1. Hell yeah! dsb vs Deardrops! I was really hoping for that…

  2. pervertintraining

    my poor wallet :p

    Take my money,
    I’m throwing money at the screen but nothing happening. πŸ˜€

    I look forward to these.

  3. Finally some great announcements! ^^ I’m looking forward to Da Capo III, Really? Really! and Princess Evangile.

  4. Princess Evangile looks promising.

  5. Ha! I’m extremely satisfied since I guessed all five titles correct in the forum some time ago.
    What’s still new and what I really like is the double release of the all ages and the X-Rated version of Da Capo 3. Bravo MangaGamer! That’s the way to make everyone happy. Moenovel should have a good look here how smart people manage to reach the all ages market and still satisfy the adult VN customers.

  6. Nice announcements, looking forward to the VNs. Good thing I made some extra money the last 2 months since my wallet can use it now πŸ˜€

    For the vanilla/moege fan it’s a good line-up after AX, so I guess most customers of MG are happy now since there’s a good selection of VN overall.

  7. DC3 will be released before 2015?

    • The title is long, but I would like to think it’ll be out before then.

      • Da Capo 3 R is actually just as long as Koihime Musou in terms of text length, so translation may take up to a year to complete. But hopefully we can still get through scripting and testing before 2015.

  8. BTW, any news about future hard copy releases? I’d Really? Really! like a hard copy of Tick! Tack!… πŸ˜‰

  9. Another question: Are you considering putting Da Capo III all ages on Steam, maybe via Greenlight? There shouldn’t be any adult content whining this time and since it’s a very highly rated VN title, it might have good chances to go through.
    If you decide to go via Greenlight, don’t forget to make some kind of widely visible info marker about it on your homepage, so your customer base can support you with votes.

  10. Hey thanks for encouraging me to attend the panel this year–it was really good. I”m ecstatic you picked up D.C. III and Really? Really! I’m also looking forward to where the partnership with Moonstone may lead…

    Also, BroSou was kind of worth it.

  11. Really? Da Capo III? I remember specifically hearing in the response to a mail I sent you that you wouldn’t be able to translate it πŸ˜‰

    A wonderful future selection of titles in any case!

  12. I’d like to thank the Mangagamer staff for licensing d2b VS Deardrops Cross the Future, Princess Evangelie, and DC3. I’m still hoping for more varied licenses, especially with Aksys Games’ lineup in mind (999, VLR, two versions of Hakuouki, and Sweet Fuse), and since NISA plans to translate Danganronpa. Still, I can’t ask for everything…

    While looking at the VNDB entry for d2b VS Deardrops, I noticed that this crossover fandisk had an all-ages version in 2011, and an adult version in 2012. Is only the former version slated for translation?

  13. Da Capo III, really, thank you very much !!!
    Do you know, when the extension of Dengeki Strikers will be realise ???
    Is Princess Evangile a “normal” eroge or a useless nukige ???

    • Chou Dengeki is in scripting, as indicated during the Otakon panel.

      As for Princess Evangile, I’m not sure where you draw the line between eroge and nukige, but I would say it is a normal, cute eroge.

    • I think it isn’t because it quite story oriantated as far as I remember and it was a great one. I’m glad a english version is coming.

    • Thanks, I think I must recharge my credit card !!!

    • The scripts for Chou Dengeki Stryker are currently in the hands of OVERDRIVE. We’re still trying to get an idea of when they’ll be able to complete it.

      As for Princess Evangile, while it does contain the most H-scenes of any game in the “Moonstone” brand, “Moonstone Cherry” is their nukige brand. Princess Evangile is very much a moege first, and focuses on the characters and their daily life together.

  14. Yes! Da Capo 3. I’ve been waiting in anticipation for that one. Ty ty ty ty~ I’m screaming like a excited little girl rite now. πŸ™‚

  15. Does Da Capo 3 R have the original or changed voiced?

  16. No Shin koihime…

    I hope we will get it some time in the future.

    Oh well,at lease we got D2B vs Deardrops and Princess Evangile.

  17. am i the only one hoping that Jim Sterling will review Boob Wars 2?

  18. D2B VS. DearDrops, Really? Really! and DC III, nice one MG…
    The only person hoping these things take time as I can’t buy them anytime soon…

  19. d2b vs DEARDROPS -Cross the Future-!!!!

    Finally! Thank you, thank you.

    Also thank you for DC III.

    Now the waiting game has started.

  20. YES!
    All of my YES!
    I’m also interested in everything else here except boob wars πŸ˜›

  21. Really? Really! is coming??????I’m more hopefully adout SHUFFLE! Essence+ now *u*
    And Da Capo III is also very good,but where’s other titles like Da Capo I & II Plus Communication and Da Capo Poker??????

  22. When I saw DC II updated with 2 TBA patches on VNDB I was incredibly excited, and I’m glad to hear that its Mangagamer doing the translation and patching, especially if it has about the same ammount of text as Koihime Musou, one of my favourite VN’s ever (next to Kamidori)!

  23. Holy crap, man!

    The Deardrops-KiraKira sequel! I sure expect a lot, but the full enjoyment comes with having played both games in full, isn’t it?

    Grab those money bags and resist your urges, folks!

  24. Did you said Da capo 3?…shut up and take my money.

    For the others games, i’m very happy to know Really really will be localized, Kaede is my favorite so i i would rater that than tick tack, boob wars 2 seems a great idea that i’ll be looking for, but princess evangelie is the game i’m wating the most.

  25. so how long will it take for d2b vs DEARDROPS -Cross the Future to be sold ?
    and i really really really really really do hope that they can license the R18+ version……>_<

    • There is no 18+ version of d2b vs DEARDROPS. In Japan it was only a bundle with an 18+ DEARDROPS.

      As for release, Doddler is currently focused on porting Really? Really! so d2b will come after that.

      • Well then its too bad for it……but what does ” Doddler is currently focused on porting” mean exactly ?
        And what may be the rough estimated time before
        it is done ?
        sorry as i may be asking something wierd or rude but i just wanna understand >_<

      • In general terms, porting a game means re-programming the game from the ground up usually for the purpose of bringing it to a different platform or overcoming technical limitations with the original game. In our case, when some games won’t run properly on English language windows, and we aren’t able to directly address the issues in the original game, we have to re-write the game using a different language or game engine. We’ve actually done this quite a few times in the past, if done right it’s transparent to the end user so you might never notice unless you compared both versions side by side, but it is a time consuming process.

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