Touma Kojirou's Detective File Available for Pre-Order!

ToumaKojirou_censoredWe at MangaGamer are proud to announce Touma Kojirou’s Detective File is now available for pre-order!

This Thanksgiving, come enjoy a hearty bit of drama with a nice helping of sex on the side!

touma_CG07The mystery starts when a local theater begins receiving threat notices, but things escalate quickly when one of the actors is murdered by the phantom of the opera!
Join Touma Kojirou as he investigates the murder and gets intimately acquainted with the suspects.

Pre-order your copy today for 10% off!

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  1. Does this title have branching plots for the girls or are there just short endings for them like in Greatest Inventions?
    If yes, are there routes for more than the two cover girls Youka and Reina?
    If this sells well, will you consider the successor?

    • Yes, there are 3-4 different endings IIRC, though they’re more centered around the girl you grow close to rather than the story-centric plot which is fairly linear.

      And yes, we’re always happy to consider sequels and successors to games that fare well for us.

    • Sounds good! No nonesense organizations like in Boob Wars or SSSS, interesting setting, the protagonist doesn’t seem to be a serial rapist like in Greatest Inventions, branching plots and attractive girls.
      I only got disappointed so far when I just followed the crowd and bought against my intuition like with Boob Wars or the Greatest Inventions, but I have a good feeling that this title is one of the better ones from SHS. I think I’ll give it a try.

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