Demon Master Chris

Screenshot - 20_06_2013 , 12_15_16We’re proud to announce that Demon Master Chris is now on sale! Come buy and download your copy today!mg1_censored



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  1. Very nice. The perfect game for a long Halloween weekend. With 1.3 GB download size it’s also twice as big as a SHS title, but only half the price. Pretty good value for money.

  2. Hello, I have a review for the game that I would like to share on this page, but I am not affiliated with a review website. Who must I contact to submit this for review?

    • Anyone can post user reviews for our games on our website. Just visit the catalog page of the game you’d like to review, and you’ll find the entry form at the bottom.

      • Hmm… Unfortunately, it’s over 7000 characters long… ^^;;

      • So.. um… what do you recommend I do? There are a lot of fun elements to the game that I think people ought to know about.

      • If you don’t have your own blog site you could post it in the forum and then make a link post to it in the MangaGamer Game Reviews thread. That way your review wouldn’t get lost even if many newer threads are before it. Provided that Evospace doesn’t plan a forum update of doom in the near future again… 🙂

      • Thanks! I’ll put it up as soon as I can then.

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