Tester's Corner: Touma Ed. Vol. 2

05Today we’re proud to present the second Tester’s Corner for Touma Kojirou‘s Detective, from Neko Len!

And here we go with another of SHS’s nukige: Touma Kojirou’s Detective File -Murder at the Opera House-. This one is a murder mystery centered around and opera troupe. The titular detective is approached by a young actress (who just happens to be a classmate of his younger sister) who has received threatening letters from the “Phantom”. Hmmm…I have heard this somewhere before.

Ah yes, that would be why

The letter basically threatens tragedy if they continue with the production. Something about burning in the fires of hell. Perhaps a fate worse than Macbeth. Being a eroge protagonist detective in need of funds, he takes the job. As for the letter…

Is this a Cease and Desist from hell, or a suicide note? Only The Shadow grammar knows! At least now we know where the villain got the idea.

With Andrew Lloyd Webber’, Gerard Butler, and Tuxedo Mask out of the country at the time, Our Hero Touma now has a mystery to solve. Thankfully he has the assistance of his childhood friend, albeit dimwitted assistance.

At least she has a nice rack…

Once working on the case, the first murder does not take long to rear its head.

This one reeks of being a staged murder to me…

Our intrepid detective thoroughly investigates the case, as more bodies start piling up, and is taken on a ride of intrigue…and surprise blowjobs.

The best part of waking up ain’t Folger’s

On to the actual testing. Surprisingly, this turned out to be one of the more fun nukige I have tested thus far. The MST potential alone was worth it. Oddly, this was also one of the more frustrating ones as well, and took a lot longer than expected, due to varied bugs (then again, that’s the point of what we do, to catch issues so they can be fixed). As is traditional with SHS, the H scenes are aplenty. They are even animated! (for some reason, this amused me greatly). Overall Touma is a decent sexfest worth a look if you want fap material.

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