Kara no Shojo and Hard Copies

Kara no Shojo Cover

Today we’re proud to announce a couple things regarding our hard-copies. One of which is pre-orders for the Limited Edition Hard Copy of Kara no Shojo!

It’s taken us a long time now to get things set up, but we’re proud to announce that we finally have a date for the launch of hard-copy orders on our website! Starting December 9th, we’ll be opening the doors on our sale of hard copies through the website. After this launch, all of our fans will be able to order both old and new hard copies directly from our website. (We will be accepting order from the EU, Australia, etc., however orders will be shipped from California.)

So make sure to stop by and order some hard copies yourself before Christmas!

Next though, we’re proud to announce that pre-orders are now open for the Limited Edition Hard Copy of Kara no Shojo! Kara_no_Shojo_Limited_Edition_Full_Package

This Limited Edition release features the full, voiced edition of Kara no Shojo along with a special 11 track CD collecting many of the great tunes featured in this wonderful game of mystery and suspense. As with all of our Limited Editions, it’ll contain a special slip case to house both cases and it’s all available for $44.95!

All pre-orders will be shipped on Dec 9th when the hard copy section goes completely live!


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  1. Finally! Thank you!

  2. Yay, it’s here! Is there any chance you could post some pictures of the physical product we’ll be receiving though? Or even something รก la Atlus’ unboxing videos, that would be perfect. I don’t quite get how it all works out just from the image provided.

    Anyways, time to start scrounging up some money.

  3. Any chance of a discount on the LE for people who have already purchased the download?

  4. It’s here! I hope both Cartagra and KnS2 get hard copies as well.

  5. Thank you for that, pre-ordered it as soon as I saw.

  6. I would have bought this but I don’t want to get charged huge import taxes just because there’s no local option for those living in Europe. And customs in my country aren’t really careful when inspecting packages.

  7. Sad that the Soundtrack CD only contains 11 tracks from the OST which had two CDs. ๐Ÿ™

  8. Might be a silly question, but will we be charged upon preorder or upon shipment?

  9. I think I will wait until the rest of the hardcopy section is up. I also want a copy of Kira Kira even if it’s the all ages version as long as they are still available, and if Tick Tack would get a hard copy version I’d buy that too. Shipment is probably cheaper if I buy them together, so I better wait for the complete list of available hard copies.

  10. Is there any hardcore cg the back cover?

  11. Copies for Brazil stores too??????

  12. Duh that very late dude…
    Just wonder why not released full voice from beginning anyway?

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