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Island ShotLooks like it’s that time again: time to talk about a new title! I suspect anyone that’s been following us for a while has expected/anticipated this one ever since “ef – the first tale” was announced. Well, your wait is almost over! eden* will be out soon, and today, I’m going to introduce you to the plot and a good chunk of the main characters!

eden* is set in a pre-apocolypse. Approximately a hundred years ago, the first scientists noticed a meteor on a crash course with Earth that couldn’t be stopped. This happened in a time of diplomatic tensions, and the ensuing chaos lead to a war which wiped out approximately half the world’s population. Following this, a unified government was established, and a plan initiated to save mankind from extinction: The Earth Evacuation Project. To help develop technology to evacuate the entire population of Earth and meet a near-impossible deadline of a hundred years, super-intelligent humans with perpetual youth and incredible longevity were genetically engineered. They were called “felixes”.

SionMany felixes were genetically engineered, but even for these modified humans that had mental prowess far beyond that of any ordinary human, one in particular stood out. In the present day, nearly a hundred years later, she is known as “The Supreme Felix: Sion”. She is seen by many as the savior of mankind, and maybe even as a messiah. At the very least, many believe her to be, even though very few people in the entire world have ever seen her in person.

RyouIt is at this time that Warrant Officer Ryou Haruna, a former member of The Special Forces, is assigned to a particular research facility. When he arrives, he notices it’s unlike any research facility he has ever seen or heard of before. It is stationed on an isolated island hidden against a solid wall of rock. On the inside, it looks like the sort of mansion an aristocrat might own. Adding to that impression, he and his new partner, Warrant Officer Lavinia F Asai, are greeted by something of a rarity in these times where most of the population has already been evacuated to space: a self-proclaimed maid.

tripleUltimately, this as-of-yet unnamed maid leads him to his new commanding officer, Major Inaba. For a major, he seems to be a rather loose fellow. What’s more, it seems as though he and Ryou have a bit of a history together… Ryou doesn’t let this get to him, accepts his initial paperwork, and is told the next day he will learn the details of his new assignment.

InabaSo, what is the purpose of this research facility Ryou has been stationed at? Who could this maid be? What happened between Ryou and Inaba in the past? These are all things you’ll have to read to find out! Or, you could probably get a few more hints from my followup posts… Starting next week, I will do more detailed write ups about the cast. This post said quite a bit, but there’s more to tell!

If you preorder eden* or eden* PLUS+MOSAIC from the MangaGamer website, you will also receive a free steam key for the all ages version upon release! You can also watch for the Steam release here if so desired.

Every sale of eden* goes toward the minori fundraiser to help minori and MangaGamer bring over all new chapters of minori’s “Supipara” in English first! Reserve your copy today and show your support!

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  1. That’s a… very tense plot. I have a special aversion for apocalyptic scenarios, but I’m kind of intrigued now. If you could showcase the adult content a bit, I might be even more intrigued. 😛

    I like my stories with a healthy dose of “mmmmh”-service.

  2. Last good Visual Novel from minori, and I haven’t even played it yet.

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