Princess Evangile – The Conflicted Sisters


In this article on Princess Evangile, meet Ritsuko and Ayaka, the two daughters of Vincennes’s headmistress!

Kitamikado Ritsuko

A cold beauty, Ritsuko has popularity at Vincennes that may be second only to Rise’s. As the “good” daughter of the school’s headmistress, she’s seen as a model of proper Vincennes behavior. This reputation places her at the vanguard of those who wish resent Masaya’s presence at the school. Despite this, though, she finds herself drawn to Masaya’s kindness, integrity, and… highly intriguing biology.

Ritsuko is torn between a natural tendency to follow the rules, and a desire to break free from the “good girl” image that her mother, the school’s headmistress, has pushed on her. She admires her free-thinking sister and, despite often teasing her with a dry wit, quietly supports her from behind the scenes.

Ritsuko feels conflict between the expectations placed on her by others, and her growing feelings for Masaya. By choosing Ritsuko, you’ll help her break through that stalemate and find her own path in life. You’ll also get to see the secret cute side that Vincennes’ “Briar Rose” keeps deeply hidden…

Kitamikado Ritsuko is voiced by Soyogi Tohno (遠野そよぎ). Her previous roles include Yukimura Anzu from Da Capo II, Katsura Kotonoha from School Days, and Minase Sakurako from Flyable Heart.


Kitamikado Ayaka

Ayaka is Ritsuko’s sister and her polar opposite. Where Ritsuko is distant, proper, and cold, Ayaka is cheeky, rebellious, and flirty: qualities that are not prized in the rigidly conformist atmosphere of Vincennes. Despite her great beauty, Ayaka is a social outcast for her unashamed displays of sexuality and her habit of playing practical jokes on others. In reality, though, she’s as innocent as any of the girls at Vincennes, particularly when it comes to men.

Much of Ayaka’s behavior is an act, carefully chosen to infuriate her doggedly Christian mother and keep others at a distance. Her relationship with Masaya starts as a playful one, but deep down, she is a troubled soul, with deep insecurities stemming from a lifetime of verbal abuse.

By choosing Ayaka, you’ll get the chance to learn about the real girl behind the “clown,” and find the root of the friction between herself and her mother. Become Ayaka’s rock as she explores the scandalous secrets of her past, her family, and herself.

Kitamikado Ayaka is voiced by Kana Yoshikawa (吉川 華生). Her most notable role was Meguri Takamiya from Kara no Shojo 2.


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  1. So the blonde girl doesn’t have a route? What a shame 🙁

    • Oh, I know… That’s the main reason I hope we’ll get a translation for the fandisc as well.

      …is it bad that I want the teacher as well?

  2. I never knew Anzu (misspelled as Anazu) and Kotonoha were the same actress. I think I will like listening to Ritsuko.

    • Whoops! Sorry about that. Fixed. =D

      • The characters for Kana Yoshikawa’s (吉川 華生) name are also wrong, you have the characters for Meguri Takamiya there instead.

        Anyway, looking forward to this game. Seems like it’s going to be a fun read and I can’t get enough of MOONSTONE’s art style.

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