The Shadows of Pygmalion Translator’s Corner

Today, Fnord would like to share his thoughts about the main characters from The Shadows of Pygmalion!

Okay, it’s time to write something about the main characters.

In The Shadows of Pygmalion you play Mina, on the right, a normal girl raised by a single mother. Since her mother is a nurse and often has to work late, Mina regularly helps with household chores and cooking. She can seem weak, but her spirit always rebounds, no matter the harshness and absurdity of the world around her. Mina is voiced by Fukuen Misato, whom you will probably know best from her role as Kadotani Anzu in Girls & Panzer. Her voice acting for the two characters is vastly different, so I doubt anybody is going to connect them without knowing.

Mina’s harsh adventures are accompanied mainly by three girls: Jessica, Riko, and Li-Ling. It’s a rather international cast of characters, all things considered.

Jessica is the girl in the middle and younger than the others. She can trace her lineage through centuries of European aristocracy and her family owns castles in England and France. Jessica is voiced by Hanazawa Kana, a voice actor so well-known I probably don’t have to introduce her. But just in case, currently she voices Raphiel in Gabriel Dropout and over the years she turned up in a variety of -monogatari iterations as Sengoku Nadeko.

Riko, the girl on the left, is even richer than Jessica and lives a rather lonely life in a vast mansion with only her butler for company. Riko can appear cold and distant, but below that she’s perhaps the warmest and most caring character. Her past is complicated and makes it difficult for her to interact with others. Riko is voiced by Akesaka Satomi, who also voiced Kisaki Asuna in Occultic;Nine.

The last one to be introduced is Li-Ling. She’s the oldest of the main heroines and already a successful businesswoman with global connections. Her relationship with her mother, an important character in her own right, is strained and difficult, and her attitude towards Mina is somewhat strange as well… Li-Ling is a strong and mysterious woman who ultimately cares far more for her friends than she lets on. Voicing her is the prolific Ise Mariya, who currently voices Akagami Iria in Shaft’s Zaregoto adaption, and last year she voiced Yukina in Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress.

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