2017 Licensing Survey Results and Some Hints Too!


The survey results are in! First off, we’d like to thank everyone for participating in the survey again this year. Your input is invaluable to us and our staff truly appreciate all the kind words you had for us too. Now onto the results:

We received just under 8,000 responses again this time, but we saw an increase in women among respondents this year, up to almost 30% now. As we noticed in our previous surveys, women as a group skewed a bit younger with about 10% of women falling into the 13-17 age group, compared to only 2% of men. Women were also much more likely to be Mac users, nearly 60% of Mac users were women in contrast to Linux users who were over 85% men, and similarly women had a stronger preference for handheld platforms with over 70% of those with a preference for handhelds being women.

Ownership of visual novels seems to be up among respondents, with about 70% of respondents having purchased three or more VNs in the past year and only 7.5% having purchased none (down from 11% last year) and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to tell that Steam is growing as the preferred platform for buying visual novels.

Notably, factors influencing purchase remain pretty steady compared to previous years with a small but noticeable bump in translation quality as a concern with 18% of respondents marking it as a deciding factor (up from 16% last year)—perhaps our efforts for quality haven’t gone unnoticed! Story and art remain the overwhelmingly important factors though. Digital remains the dominant format of choice, being the primary preference for over 70% of respondents.

Crazy as it might sound, genre-wise, romance remains the top choice followed by science fiction and fantasy—good thing we have quite a few games in those categories to announce this year! Otome and BL gained some points (22% -> 30% and 14% -> 16% respectively compared to last year), while yuri and nukige oddly enough lost some traction (38% -> 30% and 37% -> 34% respectively). Interestingly, we noticed a trend among respondent comments asking for yuri alongside BL and/or otome as well.

And now onto the part most of you are probably interested in, the most requested titles! This year we thought we’d do the top 20 to cover more of the otome and BL titles requested, several of which just narrowly missed the top 10:

  1. Rance Series

  2. Diabolik Lovers Series ↑10

  3. White Album 2 ↑6

  4. Aiyoku no Eustia ↑9

  5. A Kiss For The Petals Series ↓3

  6. Fate/Stay Night ↓5

  7. Majikoi Series ↑8

  8. Mahoutsukai no Yoru NEW!

  9. Evenicle NEW!

  10. Funbag Series NEW!

  11. Uta no Prince-Sama Series NEW!

  12. Black Wolves Saga NEW!

  13. Sakura no Uta NEW!

  14. Ken ga Kimi NEW!

  15. Soukou Akki Muramasa NEW!

  16. Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm NEW!

  17. Shin Koihime Musou ↓7

  18. Room No. 9 NEW!

  19. Daiteitoku NEW!

  20. DRAMAtical Murder ↓11 TIE Kamigami no Asobi NEW!

Again, nothing too shocking this time, aside perhaps from the big push for Diabolik Lovers rocketing it up to the #2 request. We have a lot to look forward to this year, from more entries in popular series, a title with a bit of a historical bent, something old, something new, something borrowed, and something BLue…?

On that note, check out our updated convention schedule and announcements page for our preliminary convention schedule for 2017!

Also! Check your email to see if you’re one of the three winners of a copy of DC3R and let us know if you’d like the Steam version or X-rated!

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  1. Heh, i asked for Daiteikoku. Shame that it is so low on request. Rance being Rance refuses to submit to any other title 🙂

  2. Praying for Room No. 9 translation

  3. Wha? How did an otome game make it to second place? Truly shocking. Even more so considering this is the first time I’ve heard of the series.

    • Diabolic Lovers is actually quite a common name among female fans. Given the widening market for English otome games nowadays, it’s no surprise that more female fans are coming.

      I wish more BL titles made it to the list orz

      • it also has an anime with 2 seasons, a OVA and new upcoming season which i guess it helps to boost the popularity

        • That and a lot of people that arent in the otome or visual novels like it for the story only. i didnt vote for that cause manga gamers has yet to bring over a non pc, I did see a lot of people posting to ask for it. i did vote for BWS from rejet also.

          • ” for the story only” ??? is there a story ??? I played some bit of db, db more blood e db dark fate, and the story was horrible to say the least ( short, meaningless,disconnected from the other entries in the series ).
            Still the do S blood sucking was exceptional.

    • As someone in the otome community, I LOATHE the series and it’s the last thing we need to come out when we are already marginalized by just daring to enjoy the genre.

      • i don’t think it would be a first choice to be localized cuz of the type of content, rn to bring more otome stuff, it needs to make sure it will bring more people to the genre, diabolik lovers isn’t really the best option for that due to the type of content, something more moderate from the same company would be a better option

      • I may have had a love-hate relationship for the series but it’s way too controversial to be brought over without hitting a few blocks on the way. Besides, most of the experience comes from the drama cds and that can’t be localised.

        • Way too controversial you say? Go look at all the cg of Maggot Baits before saying that. Now THAT’S what you call controversial

          • but that isn’t the same, the fanbase for that vn is quite large, when it was announced many ppl were excited about it
            when you have a way more niche genre you have to be more careful with your choice of titles or else it’s gonna flop
            the number of girls that would actually back a vn that has unhealthy romance would be smaller then who purchased ozmafia,
            it also could easily lead to many negative reviews and some backlash too

          • +1

            I don’t think MG is going to pass up on a game just because they feel it’s “too dark” if you consider that they’ve localized waaay more controversial titles before. And the fact that Diabolik Lovers made it to #2 while BWS ranked #12 shows that there is a demand for dark games from the otoge fandom.

            If MG does pass up on Diabolik Lovers it’d be for other reasons such as issues that would prevent them from acquiring the license, not because of its content.

          • Mo, you are clearly someone who hasn’t seen all the Maggot Baits cg. Just go take a look. If that nightmare of a VN gets widespread attention from the public… haha, we’ll have a shitstorm worse than the RapeLay one. Mangagamer really has courage, actually choosing it.

          • Oh come on.. People look at the cg of stuff like Gore screaming show and assume it’s nothing but gore.

            Truth is that it was beloved because of it’s amazing soundtrack, how freaking fun it was, how good the seiyuu’s where, and because it had a good plot.

            The guro only happened after MANY intentional decisions, and there was reasons for their ends, some almost justified.

            Hell, Gore was actually pretty funny for that matter.

            Point is that you shouldn’t make up your own story/decisions based on glancing at a gallery..

  4. This is the best day of my life <3

  5. it’s nice to see the otome rise with requests ^^
    even tho Diabolik Lovers and Uta no Prince-sama are psvita exclusive titles but at least this time Black Wolves Saga and Ken Ga Kimi are present which shows a interest in other Rejet.co titles not only DL

    • Rejet games are good but I couldn’t find in ken ga kimi this much depth I hoped for, it’s a good game, probably I read too many reviews online which made my hype skyrocket.

      • it’s a solid game, not my favorite of the Rejet story focused stuff, but it’s not a bad game ^^; specially considering i played way worst games made by that company

        • I know what you mean, the problem in my case was that online it was treated like the best and ultimate otome game, which I think it isn’t. Still it’s a great game, way better (plot wise ) than diabolik lovers ( in which the only really good part in my opinion is the bloodsuking )

          • ppl have different preferences on stuff so don’t worry too much about it, it’s even better this way uwu
            about diabolik lovers, i have mixed feelings towards that series, i wish other CD dramas series were picked up to make a game that just milking those dang vampires over and over

  6. Why are people voting for Fate/stay Night and Majikoi? Those two both have super high-quality full translations already out. Do they really want Mangagamer to waste money/effort that much?

    • Ah, or is it that they really want uncensored cg?

      • It could be that they want an official translation that they can legally purchase, without having to resort to trying to get a Japanese copy, and apply an unofficial patch to.

      • I really wouldn’t call either of those games translations high quality. Takajun, who did most of Majikoi and at least one route of Fate, was a not a great translator. He knew Japanese but was bad at translating it since English wasn’t his first language.

        Then you have some people who just want physical hardcopies of the games in English. Or want to suppot the creators and make sharing the game with friends not illegal. There’s a couple reasons people ask for already translated games, though I agree with it feels like kind of a waste of time.

    • Except the translation for fate/stay night is utter garbage.

    • not sure if you trolling or not but FSN translation is actually very bad,

  7. Very nice list! If anyone could ever bring an offical release of Fate/Stay Night over to the West, I would buy copies even for my cousin’s dog

  8. As always, retards voting for stuff that is nigh impossible to get a localization/already fan-translated. Sometimes I wonder if TMfags realize voting for FSN/Mahoyo is a waste.

  9. >Aqua After didn’t make it
    Life truly is suffering

  10. Clearly anime adaptations have helped some of these on the list. 😀

    Sad to see the dominance of Steam and digital formats, though, this makes it even less likely to get proper physical releases for some VNs… I hope you can consider my suggestion of Kickstarter, not as the previously rejected way of funding new projects, but as a sort of conditional pre-order for hard copies, allowing you to judge whether there is enough interest, but not having the problematic overly long waiting time of a full translation project.

  11. Please translate Daiteikoku, we have been waiting for it for years! D:

  12. Release some bara games please.

  13. DMMD and Kamigami no Asobi would be wonderful to have, especially since the former deserves a new English translation that isn’t influenced by bias.

  14. >historical bent
    Fate/Stay Night confirmed!

    >blue as a hint
    Mahoutsukai no Yoru confirmed!

    Jokes aside, while 2 Alicesoft games in first 10 places doesn’t surprise me, 2 Type-MOON games being there does. Well, I can ultimately understand wanting those titles.

    Here are my more serious speculations

    >more entries in a popular series
    I think Rance is the most obvious guess here since it made the top 10 last year and is the only title up there that MG already released multiple entries of and has more than one other entry in its franchise. Funbag sequels are likely, but I think “more entries” implies that they have already released multiple entries, and it disqualifies Escalayer from this particular hint because there are only 2 Beat games as of now.

    >a title with a bit of a historical bent
    Well, there’s Sengoku Rance, but the first hint already covers that. Hopes and dreams for Fate/Stay Night aside, this hint is ultimately vague enough to cover every medieval fantasy and then some. I can’t really guess; maybe Daiteikoku.

    >something old
    Very vague. How old is old, I wonder. Well, maybe MG is releasing Daiakuji or Atlach-Nacha? I wish.

    >something new
    Either means something 2016 or they are planning a near-simultaneous release in 2017. Or it could be more metaphorical; this applies to the something old hint as well.

    >something borrowed
    I got nothing. Unless you’re “borrowing” Baldr Sky from Sekai

    >something BLue
    I could have sworn there was a BL title with blue as a color motif, but I’m not familiar with BL in general.

    • Wait, I got it! Assuming the something phrases are all metaphorical…

      >Something old
      MILF title. Possibly Tsuma series or Oyako Rankan, but it could easily be from a new company. To be fair, it could also be a DILF or GILF title, but those are even more niche.

      >Something new
      Loli title. I’m not familiar with lolige though. … It could happen since Sweet Sweat was a thing

      >Something borrowed
      Time for NTR! Again, I’m not familiar with NTR titles. Please Bang My Wife 2?

    • >Atlach-Nacha
      Now I have my hopes up. I didn’t think anyone would mention Atlach-Nacha. I really really hope they do translate it.

    • They “borrowed” Purple Software from Sekai.

    • iirc there’s a blue colour scheme to Dramatical Murder’s MC.

  15. I voted for Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm but I honestly didn’t think other people would have put it into a top 20. Gives me a bit more hope it could get licensed. 🙂

  16. The whole something x set is a marriage jinx so that whole thing could be a clue to something like Magical Marriage Lunatics or some other marriage game. New and Old are a bit to generic to guess from, but borrowed and BLue may be interesting. A BL title where blue is the theme color maybe?

    Sengoku Rance fits way to many hints. Old, popular series, historical bent, fantasy. I’ll be surprised if it isn’t announced. I just hope something else with gameplay is announced with it.

    Historical bent could also be Koihime/Sengoku Hime stuff. There’s a lot of gender bent famous people games that I feel like that’s the direction that hint is going.

    dominant I have no idea.

  17. Yosuga No Sora should have been demanded, I’ve waited so long and the translation team is MIA. I just wanna have a legal platform for the game so I can play it without pirating or manual translation. Tfw no Sora 🙁

  18. My guess for the marriage theme is its DC2 Dearest Marriage since it follows Otome’s route.

    I’m hoping the history hint means something Koihime related but I’d be fine with Sengoku Rance. I do however hope to see more fro the Funbag series

  19. disappointed that there’s like two BL games on the list although i’m happy Room No. 9 is on the list and i hope we get it, now going by the capitalization of the BL in the word blue, we’re going to see a new yaoi game soon, its better then no MxM but i was hoping for more

    • Thinking a bit more, i have a few ideas of what BLue could mean

      (1), it could a game from Alice Blue, the yaoi imprint which is related to Alice Soft,

      (2), It could the BL RPG, Angel’s Feather which was made by Blue Impact

      (3) going how fantasy was in the top 3 genres, maybe Aoi no Kokuin – Blue Tempest, developer Marine Heart is a wall known Bl company

    • Well in case you didn’t know Hadaka Shitsuji is already in the process of being translated by MG. It’s currently at 37% translated and 21% edited so we can assume that whether or not they picked up a new BL yet that we’ll have one picked up by the time Hadaka Shitsuji is released.

  20. I can hardly believe there are still so many people asking for Fate/milked to death. I figure at this point that they must be taking the piss or are simply unaware of any other titles to suggest.

  21. Huh, interesting results. Yay for the number of lady surveyers and otome rising.

    I’m of two minds on DiaLovers. I can see why there’s pushback, but as I finally looked up and understood what happens in the games, it’s not as shocking and wild as I thought.

    Hearing of what happens in a couple of the OzMafia routes, I don’t think it’s really any “worse.” DiaLovers being centered around being dark certainly gives it edge over a game that doesn’t focus on that, but still.

  22. Come to think of it, bad end did recently post a Drapeko tweet. It might not mean anything though.


  23. Aiyoku no Eustia and the Rance series are the two I most look forward to. I doubt either are coming soon though haha

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  25. Bishoujo Mangekyou never ever.

  26. I really hope you guys do the translation for sakura no uta and aokana. i’m always waiting for those to yo be tanslated

  27. Historical Bent:: Fate Stay Night
    Something Old: Old game from alicesoft maybe (daitekoku)
    Something New: Evenicle
    Something Borrowed: Shin Koihime Musuo or aiyoku no eustia
    Something Blue: True Blue? haha it’s probably Ao no kanata.

    • Wait, Mangagamer wouldn’t seriously do something as stupid as wasting time on Fate Stay Night right?

      • Any localization company would jump at the chance to “waste time” with Fate Stay Night. It’s guaranteed money. Put it on steam and it will do Clannad numbers, no problem. It might feel like a waste of time for people who already read it, but its one of those VN’s that just make money no questions asked.

        Anyway, no they probably don’t have Fate Stay Night nor does anyone else. That hint barely counts as historical bent compared to a lot of other games.

        In fact, none of Saint’s ideas really work. Old could literally be anything, but new for Evenicle? Do you count 2-3 year old things as new? How would Eustia or Shin be borrowed? And BLue is the clue, it’s not going to be a straight title.

    • did you notice BL in blue was highlighted, i think it’s pretty obvious that the clue is telling us, its going to be a boy love game

  28. Almost a confirmation of science fiction titles. That is one of my favorite genres, along with comedy. I’m looking forward to the announcements.

  29. I understand why translation of Fate/Stay Night is a waste of time. But is it the same for Mahoutsukai no Yoru? As far as i know there is no 100% complete fan-patch. And also it is All-Ages. There will be no problems releasing it to Steam.

    P.S. Question for more knowledgeable comrades: is TYPE-MOON so hard-to-approach company? They don’t need English releases at all?

    • It’s more of a case that if Type-Moon wanted to come west, they would do so via a bigger localization company. Type-Moon doesn’t need the money from western sales, and has no real reason to bring Fate/Stay Night over. So no matter who approaches them for a release, they’ll just say no.

  30. so Rance pretty much won 2 in a row, one from last year and this year, damn, Mai-HiME Unmei no Keitouju Shura didn’t make the cut.

  31. A separate group already has more that 70% of Shin Koihime Musou translated.

  32. “Something BLue”

    DRAMAtical Murder, cause Sly Blue and Aoba? God I hope.

  33. I chose three with fantastic character designs.

    Oyako Neburi- Sasou Hitozuma Dakaretai Oyako

    Honoo no Haramase Doukyuusei

    Bra-Ban! The Bonds of Melody

  34. I’m still not seeing any Lilith titles on that list, dagnabbit.

  35. Where are some darkish titles 🙁 some gore, suspense, dark atmosphere, guts glory, release something for us too.

    Also hoping for some older underground games like idk say around 2003ish that you’d have to dig for if you were in a shop in jp. Dig for the good shit and milk the fuck out of it. Would be dope if MG ported some 98 games to modern PCs but it ain’t happening.

  36. wait why are people hinting at fate/stay for historical bent so much..

    the chances on shin koihime for this one is pretty high..since it is in all facts historically bent with romance of the 3 kingdoms plus time travel..also the fact that they translated the first koihime before.

    something borrowed i have no clue but i have vague feeling it refers to majikoi series..

    as for other 2 i am completely clueless.

    • I want to know why people are focusing on random things for something borrowed. How would Majikoi be something borrowed when no one owns it to borrow it to MG? If J-ast or Sekai were working with Minato Soft maybe, but they aren’t.

      And Shin is likely, but so is Sengoku Rance. There’s a whole genre of historical bent characters in historical locations that do indeed fit that clue far better then Fate/Stay Night.

  37. No Pixy… damn..

  38. Still waiting for Aiyoku no Eustia… ç_ç

  39. Man, everything so sunny with the vibe :/

    If I had to, from those otome bl w/e games I cheer for DLovers cause I’m a dude and actually liked the anime. So it should be a nice pick for them.

  40. Stuff it, looks like no company in the west will ever release the Fate series, might as well buy the Japanese hard copy’s and install the Eng patches.

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  42. Please release more BL titles, they are way too scarce. No Thank You was a hit after all.

  43. OMG! I’m so happy that Diabolik Lovers got on the second place! Translating that series into english would be a big dream of so many otome fans (me of course included)! Otome gamers are growing, we also have our own communities by the way. Everyone doesn’t understand that no one translated Diabolik Lovers yet since it is very popular (once a year a game comes out in japan, that should be proof enough).
    There already exists so many translated Visual Novel Games for men, I’d really like to have more translated otome games!
    So I’m counting on you!

  44. MG is about bringing titles of all types, they have never tried to focus on darker stuff, it just seemed that way when those were the more profitable titles a few years ago. Last year they got Maggot Baits and that NTr things, plus Orc Strike to cover darker themes. Plus Kuroinu is probably going to be released in a month or two.

    As for dark stuff released last year, Rance is a rape title with other themes. Haruka is 50% fucked up rape scenes. You have the orc rape title. You have Please Bang and Boss’s wife. Free Friends 2 is 50% rape of different types. They may not have hit your interests but there was not a lack of darker things released or announced last year compared to other genres.

    >publisher who aims for bringing unensored, questionable titles out.
    Mangagamer’s goal is to bring 18+ and other visual novels to the west. It was never to push boundaries or focus on rape and other darker themed titles. No company is ever going to only grab dark nukige all the time. That wouldn’t be feasible market wise for long. Variety is important which is why we get all kinds of titles.

    And all the otome/BL stuff? The two titles in those two genres announced over two years is to much? So you are okay being catered to especially but if those markets even get a single title a year its to much? Really?

    • 1) sadly Maggot Baits got its translation progress stopped.

      2) Dark ≠ NTR, dont put it in same basket. I think a lot of people dislikes NTR.

      3) Lastly, nobody takes Rance seriously. So dont count it into “rape titles”. LOL

      • Agreed with Derp, refering to point 3 of his/her previous post.
        How is a title that contains ”rape”, why all the time making the player aware that said rape is a bad thing and consens is crucial, actually a title that could be considered to be a ”rape title”?
        Rance is a joke in that regard and not to be taken for serious.
        It’s for wannabe hipsters that think they actually played a rape game, while they probably haven’t the slightest clue what kinds of VNs in this regard exist out there.
        Maybe, these people should go and play some utsuge with rape elements, for instance; then they know the difference.

        Also,if mangagamer would have been consistent with bringing ”all types of VNs” to the west and always got something different, then I could acknowledge your point.
        But this isn’t the case.
        They cater to Steam and fujoshis that are into BL-themed games/otome.
        How’s that better than what they released back then?
        I’d love to see Shuffle! Essence+, yet they never said what actually happened (or didn’t happen) between them and Navel.
        How is focusing on another genre while forsaken another one better?
        The best we get are either some overhyped mainstream titles like Rance or Maggot Baits, or generic moege.
        I mean, besides otome crap, of course.

        While you may not agree with me, it’s obvious that Mangagamer is shifting its focus to a new kind of customers.
        And I don’t like that.
        Not muh a single person like me can do about it, but I can atleast voice my opinion about it and speak with my wallet.

        Also, yeah, ”dark stuff” isn’t really anything NTR.
        I don’t like it either, but I personally have no moral objection to NTR, because… well, they are fuking drawings, so why would I care?
        The implication is debatable and might actually make an emotional impact – but, anyone who’s reasonable and can separate fiction from reality realizes that it’s dumb ”feeling” for a drawing.
        So I’m positive that it’s reasonable enough to see something like that from a western publisher at this point.
        A company not willing to take such a risk is a worrywart, which I’m not gonna support.
        Had to learn that the hard way with JAST.

        Well, whatever.
        To me, already those ”few otome games” are already enough.
        I could write more about why I feel this way about the situation and on what information I base my viewpoints on, but why would I want to argue?
        Feel free to support whatever crap you like, I will do likewise. 🙂

        • The contract with Navel ran out and the new head of the company didn’t want to release porn. It’s as simple as that. Don’t be surprised when Tick Tack and Really Really disappear from MG’s store and end up on steam.

          You say nobody takes Rance seriously but there’s plenty of people who won’t touch Rance games because there’s rape. There’s people who hate Rance because the way he is. And Rance 6 has rape scenes that are much darker then anything Rance would ever do. Scenes that could be in Maggot Baits and fit in just fine.

          I guess my issue is that I find a lot of people who want Mangagamer to only cater to them. To only cater to specific market. Which is just… not how I think a business should be. Selling to everyone while still giving most what they want rather then only cater to few is how ti should be.

          NTR is still dark. It can include rape and mindbreak and drugs. Just because some nerotare isn’t dark enough for you doesn’t mean they aren’t dark titles.

      • NTR is almost certainly Dark, but Dark doesn’t necessarily mean NTR.

        And I must disagree with point 3. I took Rance seriously. What happened to Feliss…@)$#!!!!!! I still haven’t gotten over the rage.

        Ah, come to think of it, Rance does have NTR. In Feliss’s case, unavoidable NTR.

    • Rape isn’t enough for a “dark title”
      Rance is cheerful with the looks.
      I didn’t finish Free Friends but it isn’t even a pinch hardcore as it should be to fit the “dark title”, it’s the right direction but it’s the apprentice of an apprentice. Not close to a master VN of the dark genre.

      What we want from dark titles is basically the atmosphere from suspense detective novels/shows ((suspense only, not mystery, if you focus on mystery chances are high you’ll misunderstand the titles that we actually want)) or cyberpunk-Lile stuff ((cyberpunk is mostly effective at night time, then only do you feel the true atmosphere that makes cyberpunk what it is)) That but, but with the feeling desperation accompanied with sexiness and either gore or variations of raping. Rance would count as a dark title if it recreated desperation levels from say the ‘nam War and had more violence.

      Mix in Higurashi and Demonophobia or Free Friends and Cinderella Escape ((not the gameplay elements but core atmosphere, outline and maps)), Free Friends and Torture (flash game), Manhunt + Fatamorgana + Sweet Sweat in Summer, Umineko + Postal and Imouto Paradise. I don’t know, that’s off the top. With all these I never mean gameplay elements but the core feeling and look of a game.

      Heck you can even give me a gay game that’s dark. Just as long as you get dark games out here so I know there’s bigger chances you’ll get more dark games.

      I don’t mind the BL, otome stuff at all even tho I’m straight. Everyone should get what they want as long as it’s not altered. I only want to see more dark games make the lists too, because only MangaGamer even thinks about us fans of that genre.

      I don’t want to see any wars among the fandom. Cause frankly I don’t think each of us would want to try to understand the other. You say something, attacks would start flying instead of each side understanding the other. Just give us all enough material and we good. There will always be chances to get all these sunshine, calm VN’s. However MG should expand the market for dark VNs cause as I said they’re the only ones who care about us. Keep doing what you’re doing, get all those gay or emo games if you want, I don’t care but include more titles for us too.

  45. I am suprised Eushully games didnt make it into list.

    Does nobody want to play games from Battle Goddess (Ikusa Megami) series?

    Same for Meister series (most famous is Kamidori Alchemy Meister and it was already translated by fans, then there is Himegami Dungeon Meister, …)

    Some other good games from Eushully:
    Madou Koukaku, Soukoku no Arterial, Kami no Rhapsody, etc.

    • Eushully huh. Since Mangagamer hasn’t chosen any games from them, maybe they’re just not interested?

    • @Derp

      They look dope tho I got a lot of others I want to see. I can give a vote to either Madou Koukaku or Kami no Rhapsody on the next surv if you can spare a spot for either Soushinjutsu Rei, Galzoo Island, Sono Kojou ni Yuusha Hou Ari, Fraternite, Venus Blood,Youchuu no Ori, Ore Maou! ~Kudake Chitta Tamashii, Yuunee to Issho, Lovecubus! ~Onna no Ko Akuma Otoko no Ko Akuma, Kanzen Osu Dorei, Bura Bura, Monmusu!Gyaku Rape Gakuen, Usodere!, Koukai ~Makan no Kokuin~, Eclipse -Zettai Reido Keikaku Soushitsu Shoujo-, ESEX Shikorsky, Kegareta Eiyuu ~Jain Seijo Gari~,Pochi to Goshujin-sama ♥, Ren’ai Made Sentakushi Hitotsu, Makapara! ~Ano Yo de Mecha Mote~, Yuunee to Issho, Inen no Yakata, Gated Community, Kowaku no Toki, In’youchuu ~Ryoujoku Gakuen Taimaroku~, 闇の声ZERO, ManguSta -Chijoku Fuuki Iinkai-, Kusari 鎖, Daiakuji大悪司, Kawarazaki-ke no Ichizoku 2, Kawarazaki-ke no Ichizoku, Cara the Bloodlord, Tetsu to Ra, Revolver Girl ☆ Hammer Lady, Holy Knight Celsia ~Akuratsutaru Himegimi~, Yakan Shinryou ~Nurse Choukyou Karte~, Aru Kazoku no Kankeizu, Pigeon Blood, Aigan Reijou ~Doll~, Seikoujo 聖肛女, Nerawareta Megami Tenshi Angeltia, Oh Yuusha yo, Itte Shimau to wa Nasakenai!,Houkago ~Nureta Seifuku~, Sado★Bu! ~S-jo ni Ijime Nukare Bu♪~, Danchizuma to Now, Haregaku!, P/A ~Potential Ability~, Shimai to Now, Michibikareshi Mono-tachi no Rakuen, Kaigen Seito, Gekkou no Carnevale, Rui wa Tomo o Yobu, The Code Name is “Shield 9”, Yome Juu, Kaigen Seito,Kanagi ~Inmu Gakuen~, Closed Game, Hechima ni Koi Suru Joshikousei

      You can chose any. Don’t be shy while I’m trying to pay you off 😛 haha

  46. Yaaaaaas! Mangagamer you guys can have my entire bank account if you guys push through with the localizing of the diabolik lover series.

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  48. this is kind of hilarious to me because two of the top otoge titles on this list (including diabolik lovers at #2) are actually pretty damn dark. Otoge are pretty capable of being downright questionable and nasty too, though I’ve noticed said nastiness is delivered more though text than images.
    personally, i suggested a dark r18 otoge title, Jooubachi no Oubou, but i’m okay with diabolik lovers considering i don’t believe there’s a full translation and i want to see what the fuss is about, and i know that the Jooubachi games are a longshot anyways.

    Mangagamer can continue to give y’all uncensored and questionable nukige titles while also delivering otome and BL content (some of which is also questionable.) It’s not an either or situation.

  49. Diabolik Lovers pleeaasee! A lot of us in the otome game community have been asking for that game for years!

  50. woo~! go otome~!! xD

    as much as I love Kurusu Syo (Utapri), I’m really really looking forward to Fashioning Miss Lonesome because it’s got the voice actor Cider. and the story sounds pretty entertaining XD

  51. I’m really glad that DMMD made it to the list, but if Mangagamer were considering to get this title localised, it would be great if it’s the Recode version(which would be quite difficult since it’s a Vita port). I don’t mind missing the H scenes as long as I can enjoy the new route><

  52. Though maybe mangagamer should consider splitting the results up based on audience. The thing is that the visual novel fanbase is growing so probably people newer to it are looking forward to different titles compared to the people who have actually played visual novels for years. Don’t know if that’s what your actual concern is, though there is nothing that could change that really.

  53. So sad no one seems to hope for the same games as me I would just love to see princess lover or shuffle essence plus get a localization.

    • Oh, a Shuffle fan! Then what about Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai – Under the Innocent Sky? There’s no chance of Mangagamer releasing Navel games anymore sadly, but I’d still like to cheer for this title.

  54. Some people should really google the titles here. A few of them have already been translated.

  55. shin koihime musou please

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