Sweet Young Bride – Translator’s Corner

Today, we have a translator’s corner from Quof!

Hi, I’m Quof, also known as Dekiru to some. I translated Sweet Young Bride which we at MangaGamer are treating as a kind of “sequel” to Sweet Sweat in Summer, a beginning of perhaps a long and fruitful series of Sweet localizations from Ammolite. Although the two games have no relation beyond being developed by the same company, they’re both plenty sweet and are deserving of their titles.

Sweetness. That’s really what Sweet Young Bride is all about. Hazuki, the main and sole heroine, is a real cutie. So cute, in fact, that pretty much the whole game is just her being cute and the protagonist (who frequently refers to her as “my beloved young wife”) raving about how cute she is in between bouts of sex. The game opens up with a fairly comical intro, and there’s a smattering of drama near the end, but the bulk of this game is devoted to lovey dovey (and sometimes fetishistic) sex with Hazuki. The focus is definitely sex and there’s a lot of it.

Sweet Young Bride is the game to buy if you’re looking for a relaxed, sexy time with a cutie without any heavy drama getting in the way. I hope everyone finds Hazuki as lovable as I did.

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  1. I’d like more like this from Waffle as well. Hope it will be one of the announcements this year instead of just more sequels to Kyonyu. (I suspect there is like 3 sequels so it could take forever until something different arrives)

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