Sweet Young Bride – Tester’s Corner Vol. 2

Today, we have a tester’s corner from Mashiro!

Hello, this is Mashiro and this is my Test Corner for Sweet Young Bride.

When I saw the opportunity to work on this game, I hesitated at first. I’m not the biggest fan of lolis and was kind of afraid I would not like the game. However, I can actually say I’m glad I took the chance to beta test it.

Sweet Young Bride has a simple premise. Our protagonist, Kouta Misawa, wishes to get a cute and lovely girlfriend, but being just an ordinary guy he has slim chances to get one, since there is a “Government-Sponsored Marriage Program,” and that rate every member of society and decides who is an elite, matchmaking them. Sadly, ordinary guys – like Kouta – still have to find a girlfriend on their own. One day, he’s surprised to find out that a wife, Izayoi Hazuki, has been chosen for him, and their life together begins!

Just as the title suggests, the game has a really sweet atmosphere to it. Hazuki is a really sweet and lovely girl, and it was easy to grow attached to her. It was also nice to see her change from an insecure girl, who tried her best to adapt to her new situation, to a happy girl living life filled with joy with the man she loves.

Of course, this being a nukige, I can’t write about this game without talking about the H-Scenes. The game isn’t wild when it comes to fetishes, but all the scenes were really enjoyable and stimulating. The sound effects and Hazuki’s voice actor were really good and probably the aspect of those scenes that I liked the most, but Kouta’s narration and Hazuki’s reactions were also pretty nice. It’s worth to notice that all H-Scenes feature peeing, which can interest some, but even for those who don’t like it – which is my case – it’s not something that it’s so big it would spoil the game for you, so even with the urination fetish, I think it’s worth to try.

Another thing to add is how pretty the art ist Seeing Hazuki’s pure and ingenuous appearance contrasting with the sexual nature of the CGs just accented their appeal, making all the scenes more enjoyable.

In conclusion, Sweet Young Bride was a good ride. It’s a short game, but it is filled with a variety of good scenes, an adorable heroine, and even some heartwarming and cute moments. I’m happy I got the opportunity to work on this game and totally recommend to anyone wanting to enjoy some happy sex times with a cute and lovely little wife.

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