Dungeon of Corruption – Translator’s Corner

Today, we have a translator’s corner for our upcoming release of Dungeon of Corruption!

Hi, I’m the translator for Dungeon of Corruption. This title can be seen as a spiritual successor to Orc Castle of sorts, as the gameplay is largely similar between the two of them, to the point that I actually played through Orc Castle to ensure terminology remained consistent between the two.

Being a spiritual successor to Orc Castle means what you would probably expect – laying traps and rape, which Dungeon of Corruption has in spades. Once again, you’re moving heroines around using traps to put them into lewd and compromising situations with various monsters. In a fresh twist, however, your goal isn’t just to corrupt and violate the heroines. The two heroines of this game are on a quest for to gather the fragments of the sacred treasure hidden within the dungeon, and it’s up to you the player to lead them along their quest from the shadows using traps and wits, corrupting them along the way. The fate which befalls the heroine you chose at the beginning of the game changes according to your actions and what secrets you discover.

Speaking of the heroines, I haven’t introduced them yet, have I? The lovely ladies challenging the Dungeon of Trials are Apostles of two opposing Gods, the God of Light and the God of Darkness. On the one side we have the sweet but firm Eliska, Apostle of Light, and on the other we have the chocolatey brown Griselda, Apostle of Darkness. In the beginning of the game you choose one of them and the rest of the game follows their quest from then on, meaning to play against the other heroine you’ll need to start a new game. Each heroine has unique scenes with monsters, so it’s worth playing twice!

Speaking of unique scenes with monsters, those are the bulk of this game’s pornographic content. Orcs, imps, and even frogs (!) make an appearance to rape our lovely Apostles and there’s no mercy shown. There’s not a scrap of vanilla sex in this game, so get ready for anal fisting, gangrapes, and monstrous birthing scenes if you choose to play this game and challenge the Apostles within the Dungeon of Trials…

…soon to be known as the Dungeon of Corruption if you play your cards right and make the heroines go from hating every second of their quest to loving it. Enjoy!

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