Kuroinu Chapter 2 Translator’s Corner

Hi, I’m the translator for Kuroinu Chapter 2, and I can tell you right off the bat that it was a very interesting title to work on. It’s a bold game both in the sense that it  gets very, very extreme with its fetishes in ways I haven’t seen anywhere else, and in the sense that it takes characterizing the heroines far more seriously than I expected. 

Fetish-wise, each heroine has their own theme, which I think does wonders for keeping the content focused despite the size of Kuroinu – a game so big it had to be split into three chapters! In Chapter 2, we have a heroine focused on blowjobs, a heroine focused on domination (with the heroine often being the one on top, surprisingly enough), and a heroine focused on anal. As mentioned, the game gets pretty extreme with these fetishes. Blowjobs sound friendly enough, but what about when you’re forced to give around twenty blowjobs in a row to twenty different strangers? Now that’s intense.  The game doesn’t shy away from detail, either. Let’s just say I ended up being very familiar with the terminology used to describe the human digestive tract.

I mentioned that Kuroinu takes characterizing the heroines seriously, and I meant that sincerely. It would have been easy for these heroines to be written as blank two dimensional slates that exist only to endure the furious wrath of an entire country of horny men, but that is not the case here. Each heroine has their own beliefs and personality that Vult, the “protagonist” of Kuroinu, exploits to thoroughly corrupt them into twisted shells of their former selves. It’s actually close to disturbing how deftly Vult manipulates and abuses the women in this game for his own ends.  For example, Alicia has the noble belief that she exists to help and protect others. What would happen if she were imprisoned and helpless, unable to do the very thing she had built her entire life around? What would she cling to in desperation as she is torn apart by despair and self-loathing? The answers lie within Kuroinu Chapter 2.

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  1. Why does the game abruptly jump sometimes like near the intro during the village scene it almost feels like they skipped a scene. Then during the minister wanting Alicia and talking to vult between the orcs it feels like it jumped again not letting u choose. Are there scenes skipped due to the game being split or some other reason?

  2. So is there a way you can like merge the two chapters into one? I don’t want to go through all the intro again..

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