Umineko Chapters 5-8 Now Available! + Comment from Ryukishi07

The exciting conclusion to Umineko When They Cry is now available! Pick up chapters 5-8 in one convenient package with all the original music, the choice of new and original character artwork, and both English an Japanese text on right now or Steam on later today!

We have some comments from Ryukishi07 for the release too:

Hello, this is Ryukishi07.

The English version of Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru is set to be released on Steam on November 17th.

With the cooperation of English language Umineko fan group Witch Hunt, and Steam publisher Mangagamer, the game has been transferred to an engine that can properly include and run the English version. (Of course, the Japanese text is still included, if anyone in Japan wants to play it too!)

Witch Hunt had already done work translating Umineko, so that helped this release go incredibly smoothly. It’s all thanks to Witch Hunt’s assistance over the years! To everyone at Witch Hunt, thank you so, so much!

Umineko no Naku Koro ni’s conclusion, Chiru, is a work I put everything I had into at the time. I think there are a number of shoddier parts, but I very much hope you enjoy it!


この度は、Steamにて、英語翻訳版の「うみねこのなく頃に 散」が、11月17日にリリースされることとなりました。 これは、海外のうみねこファングループのWitchHuntさんとSteamパブリッシャーのMangagamerさんのご協力により、英語翻訳と海外OSに対応可能なエンジンへの切り替えが実現できたものです。

「うみねこ」の翻訳については、これまでにWitchHuntさんが翻訳してくださっていた分があり、今回、大変スムーズにリリースすることが出来ました。 これは全て、WitchHuntさんのこれまでの長きにわたるお力添えのお陰です! WitchHuntの皆さん、本当に本当にありがとうございます!

「うみねこのなく頃に」の完結編である「散」は、僕にとって、あの日あの時の持てる力を全て注ぎ込んだ作品です。 拙いところは多々あると思いますが、どうかどうか、お楽しみいただければ幸いです!

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  1. Hey this is great and all but how the progress on the Higurashi series as far completion goes, just wondering because the status for them on the project status page hasn’t changed for months now.

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