Tomboys Need Love Too –– On Sale Now!

Tomboys Need Love Too from Zetsubou Games is now available on!

When Kai hears that his next door neighbor, Chris, will be staying with him while her parents are overseas, he thinks nothing of it. They’re best friends, after all, and have been since childhood. To him, she’s just “one of the guys”, and a sleepover is nothing new.

But what Kai doesn’t realize is that, tomboy or not, Chris is now an adult woman. Furthermore, she has a strong sex drive, and she’s planning to use their cohabitation as an excuse to show him sides of her that Kai never knew existed.

Just as Chris’s advances begin to take effect, however, an obstacle appears: Sophie, Kai’s most recent crush. She’s a beautiful girl who radiates kindness, and naturally attracts people of both sexes towards her. Her only downfall appears to be that, for every nice word spoken about her, an equal number of heinous rumors drag her name through the mud…

Will the advances of Sophie, the girl whom Kai has been pining over for months, manage to sway his heart? Or will Chris finally convince him that the perfect woman was by his side all along?


  • 5 available endings
  • Two romance routes
  • In HD! Hi-res artwork in 1440p. (Lower resolutions supported)
  • New and unique artwork and music.


  • Developer: Zetsubou Games
  • Platform: Windows XP and above, Mac OS 10.4, Ubuntu 12.04
  • Language: English text.
  • Voice: None

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  1. You forgot to add the store link. 😉

  2. I’d like to know about benefits of buying this and other all-ages VNs in MG store compared to Steam (it’s purely theoretical question since I already have this one on Steam)? Like, does developer get more money this way, or maybe there are other differences?

    The obvious DISadvantages of buying it from MG would be lack of regional prices, cumbersome updates compared to Steam and lack of trading cards (I have to admit that I really enjoy some nice-looking trading cards… still very sad that Tsumihoroboshi Steam version doesn’t have them :*( )

    We aren’t talking about games that need separate 18+ patches or were banned from Steam here, only about this one and other similar ones.

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