Shining Song Starnova –– On Sale Now!

Shining Song Starnova from Love in Space is now available on! Available in two digital versions, Normal and Limited Edition!

How low will they go to reach the top?!

The girls of STARNOVA signed up to become idols with thoughts of becoming the shining stars of fairytales.

Instead, they found themselves trapped in a cutthroat business where only the strongest could survive. In this messed up world where sex and drama are the only two things that sell, the girls quickly realized the idol business was nothing like what was shown on television.

You are Mr. Producer, and find yourself newly in charge of these seven hopelessly flawed would-be idols. Will the eight of you successfully navigate the industry and become the greatest idols in the nation? Or will everything come crashing down in a bad end?

This is the story of STARNOVA! A grand pageant of idols! A beautiful comeback story of how seven washed up idols challenge the greatest idol unit in the nation!


  • Customers can purchase either the Normal Edition or Limited Edition!
  • Normal Edition includes the base game for $29.99
  • Limited Edition includes the base game and 2 DLCs for $45
    • DLCs: Original Soundtrack & Vocal Collection
    • OST features 21 BGM tracks from the game
    • Vocal collection features 4 vocal and instrumental tracks


  • Developer: Love in Space
  • Platform: Windows XP and above, Mac, and Linux
  • Language: English text
  • Voice: Partial


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