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I spent my first year at the academy without doing much of anything, and I figured I’d spend the rest of my time here much the same way.

At the end of spring break and the beginning of the new semester, I discovered that all my friends had girlfriends.

I never even got the impression they were dating during school…

According to them, they got girlfriends at their part time jobs.

Just when did I let them pass me by?

I want a girlfriend! But thing is, I’m not all that proactive.

…No, I have to do something.

At the very least, why don’t I try getting a job where there’s a bunch of girls?!

The Unobtainable Beauty

The Same Old Childhood Friend

The Energetic Younger Girl

The Gentle Older Girl

I find a job at a cafe employing all types of girls and begin my search for love!

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