Namaiki Dark Elf Sisters –– Tester Corner #1!

Namaiki Dark Elves is a nukige coming from Waffle, who’s generally known for the Funbag Fantasy series. This one isn’t as similar to Funbag, given that there’s only a few busty characters along with a flatter heroine. However, it boasts a good amount of H-scenes just like that series, but is there a harem ending? I won’t spoil it.

The plot is about a half-human, half-dark elf boy named Ober, who’s grown up in a household consisting of around three dark elves sisters of his. They all tend to treat him rather badly, using him as a slave and all. There’s the idol, Supra, the manly and tomboyish Sheila along with Diano, who’s the academic prodigy. Given how the cover has the four of them getting somewhat intimate, one could know what to expect when it comes to playing the game.

At one point, their father tells them that there’s an oracle that reveals that Ober is the chosen one of the dark elves whose children will bring glory to the dark elves for a thousand years or so. Since he doesn’t want this to pass onto the other families, he tells the family that Ober’s going to have to impregnate one of his sisters.

The H-scenes in this are rather creative, making use of various toys that Ober’s father had used in the past. Some of the heroines have H-scenes circulating around these, Supra’s is exhibitionism, Sheila’s is to do with humiliation and Diano also uses her fair share of devices on Ober as well. There’s some scenes that could turn off those who aren’t open-minded with H-scenes, however.

Ober, from the beginning, is very fond of these sisters despite the way they treat him. The thought of having sex with his sisters pleases him immensely. As the story goes on, you’ll see development in how the way his sisters treat him changes, resulting in some standard nukige fair, I’d say.

In the end, if you’re interested in some fun action with three pretty dark elf sisters and their brother.

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