Kotori Love ExP

We at MangaGamer are proud to announce our release of Kotori Love ExP is now available for purchase! I hope you’ll all enjoy this sweet, charming collection of tales centered around Kotori!

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  1. Will be playing this once I finish my school work (thank God the school season is ending), and finish KM and Da Capo 2.

  2. Hmmm I’m tempted to pick this up… will decide in a day or so…

  3. Hmm might wait a while now seeing as Demonbane is finally here next week. Actually can anyone gimme an estimate of the length of Kotori Love ExP?

  4. i will decide on this after i finish demonbane. im not big on DC and i also dont like kotori much, we shall see…and with kud’s route in little busters so close to being done…who knows

  5. Well, well! Congratulations! It’s finally here!

    Now I’m even thinking of buying it just to see which of my suggestions did and didn’t get through. =P

  6. Hmm i just browse thru it and i think it is a lot? just wondering the kotori love exp is filled with kotori scenes only? i know it says kotori love exp but i am just wondering.

  7. I really want an Izumiko pencil topper…

  8. Bought and currently downloading (curse you slow internet!). I simply can’t say no to a Kotori centered game. Woohoo!

  9. Any plan to release the version of DCPC and its fandisk?
    or is DC spring,summer,fall,winter are part of DCPC compile?

    anyway, congratz on releasing this

  10. yay I’ll be happy,now waiting for Da Capo III,Da Capo Xmas and Time Paladin Sakura ^^

  11. So is it recommended to play the regular versions of the games first? In other words, is this a bad place to start if you’ve never played any of the games in this series before?

    • You should probably play the original Da Capo first just to get who all of the side characters are and why they matter.

  12. is the dcpc the full game or is it only the kotori route couldnt help but notice some choice sections dont matter some all give the same result

  13. I’d been curious about the expansion, but that last image before the movie has totally sold me on it. ^^ Now to just find the fundage…

  14. DCIF on Kotori Love ExP is infinite better than the PS2 version(released on overseas by MG adapted for PC) ^^

  15. This game… is so cruel. This game got me so interested in Izumiko’s and Tamaki’s routes on DCPC, only to troll me with the Suginami End dammit.

  16. Michael Tronberg

    Please make Time Paladin Sakura, I would buy the shit out of it.

  17. Thanks alot for releasing Kotori Love ExP! I saw the japanese trailers for it and instantly wanted it! Thanks! now the question is? Are you gonna release all of the other Da Capo VIsuals?
    Like Plus Communication and so!

    • I don’t think there are any plans for DCPC, sadly. And I don’t think we will see *ALL* DC VNs any time soon, since there are just so many.

      • Personally, I want to see DCIIPC, since Aisha’s in there and I want to know WHY THE HELL SHE HAS TO BE CANON.

  18. http://mangagamer.blackss.org/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1070
    Request for the normal DCPC because the version in Kotori Love Exp is incomplete u.u

    • Is that, maybe, because the game in question is Kotori Love EXP? If it had all the routes it would probably be… DCPC?

      Although, I do second the request for DCPC, but people have to buy more of the standard version first to make it show that it’s worthwhile translating and releasing PC.

  19. excuse me..
    sorry if i commented on the wrong area but i justr want to bring forward my opinions to the mangagamer staffs..
    i wonder if you could released translated version of Da Capo Plus Communication (DCPC) and Da Capo II Plus Communication (DCIIPC)
    the story expands nicely and i would like to get a full story on Tamaki other than cut down on just Kotori route + SUginami Bad Ending…
    i would like to receive a reply from the staffs regarding whether my request are possible…
    i’m sure lots of people out the are actually looking forwards to unveil the extra heroiens route..
    thanks if you consider regarding this and send me a reply~

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