Tester’s Corner: Kotori Ed. Vol 3

I always knew she slept around...

It’s time for another Tester’s Corner, and this time you get to hear from Tuna Salad!

In case you didn’t catch my tirades in the past, I am moderately familiar with the Da Capo franchise, I think I’ve tested every single Da Capo release now, and I am a Nemu fan…that being said, if Love ExP were a little bit longer, I would definitely convert…

Oh come on Nemu, we go way back... You know I would never so that to you! Ayumi doesn't count...

In case you’re wondering, that first image all the way at the top is indeed a typo. It constitutes a good 90% of what we testers come across, and provided that our recommended revisions are listened to and correctly changed (*cough* Anti-Toutaku Alliance *cough*), it shouldn’t be there in the final product.

Now, onwards to the game!

Da Capo: Plus Communication

D.C.P.C. is a reiteration of the original Da Capo with more characters and some new CG that nicely round out much of the original game. Tomo-chan and Mikkun, Kotori’s best friends and recurring characters throughout Love ExP, are finally given voices and faces, and while I’ve already heard them in testing D.C.I.F., Mikkun still makes me swoon.

Perhaps one of the most frustrating parts of testing Love ExP is having to go through every inch of D.C.P.C. With half of the heroines already old news, having to run through their new revised stories became more of a test of my patience than anything else. While everything was mostly issue-free with a new, less engrishy translation and fonts that don’t make my eyes bleed, the realization that I rather liked shrine maidens proved to be a severe distraction…

Tall, dark, and bishoujo, miko outfit, inexperienced with the world, and already engaged? I like where this is going!

Overlooking the old characters was simple enough, but the new ones…oh my…Damn you for forcing us to only focus on Kotori!  I want Tamaki dammit!  And a Nanako is fine too!!

You read my mind!

Da Capo: White Season

D.C.W.S. stands as a nice epilogue to the events of D.C.P.C. and fits snugly into the ‘feel-good’ category of storytelling.  Without the additional characters to offer a distraction (not even o’glorious Nemu), Kotori and Juniichi’s relationship is properly reinforced with a quick lover’s quarrel, some cherry blossom magic, and make-up sex.

It’s a quickie, one-shot that leaves a warm tingly afterglow and offers a window into what to expect from the later chapters.

Da Capo: After Season

If White Season was the warm and tingly story, then After Season is the ‘good clean-fun’ story as Tomo-chan and Mikkun make their way back into Kotori/Juniichi’s life. Like White Season, this one is a shorty with nothing but class.  Feel-good all around, with a happy ending…if you know what I mean…

I like to think of this "line" of yours as more of a neutral zone...

Circus Disk: Christmas Days

C.D.C.D. is the odd-man out as far as After Season and White Season are concerned, as this game is told mostly through Kotori’s eyes.  Ever wonder what the ladies talk about after a busy day of fretting with Kotori?  Let’s just say they have some creative imaginations…then there was the latex, the négligée, and–oh I’ve said too much…

Which finally brings us to the gem of this whole package…

...Was that an invitation for anal?

Kotori Love Plus

While much of the other games in this package feel a little dated, Love Plus is fresh and exciting, mostly because of the new girl, Ayumi.

While peddling her wares to the unassuming Miharu, Ayumi has managed to carve a nice little niche into the tranquil Asakura household. Who would have thought the chocolate banana girl is Hatsune Island’s number one home-wrecker?  But it’s okay, you’re married to Kotori now, she doesn’t need to know…

Sounds like green light to me...

I had this long confusing diatribe all planned out for Love Plus, but a friend of mine said it best: “Queen Kotori wants to have a baby with you! Do you shag her on national TV or dump her and run off with the chocolate banana girl and have a threesome with Miharu?” Personally, I feel the answer is quite obvious…

It's good to be the daddy...

Kotori LoveExP has got to be the easiest project to test so far, although it felt the longest thanks to D.C.P.C.  It’s a horrible tease to give just about everything from D.C.P.C. only to force a Kotori path in the end, but the subsequent lovey-dovey stories are just too precious to pass up. Kotori might not be my favorite Da Capo heroine (ALL HAIL NEMU!!), but this game has definitely raised her standings.

And then there’s Ayumi…if there’s ever a character that needed a spin-off, it’s Ayumi.

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  1. haha when i saw the first picture in my email for this i didnt know what to expect xD

  2. If there’s ever a character that needs a spin-off in English, it’s Miharu!

  3. I have to say, though… Reading other people’s Tester’s Corners of a game I’ve tested is pretty interesting.

  4. I’m sorry, maybe I’m missing something, but when I read this the general inference I’m getting is “why did they translate this and not the complete versions of the fandiscs”?

    I’m still on the fence with this. Part of me is interested, especially the completist in me, but part of me is still thinking “is it worth buying with the chance the full versions of the fandiscs, or even DCPC, are translated”. Although, I guess if this doesn’t sell well the chances of getting the full versions of the fandiscs or DCPC are significantly reduced or made moot. Hmmm…

    • Most likely its because they already had most of it translated, making it a cost-effective decision.

      The 2 biggest sections are the D.C.I.F and D.C.P.C sections. The only difference as far as I know with D.C.I.F is that this one has sex scenes. Meaning they already had like….98% of that game translated.

      Then for D.C.P.C because they had the original translated, I’d say about 50% of the text carries over. Leaving whats new for Kotori’s path in D.C.P.C and the fan-disks which aren’t very long.

  5. Kotori is a big slut.

    • everyone is a big slut in a game like this. Otherwise it wouldn’t be an hentai game. It’s just single target slutiness lol

      • i wouldn’t call it a “hentai game” id call it more of “a visual novel with hentai in it”

        but that’s me

      • I still don’t see how. You want sex with the guy you love, and then suddenly you’re a slut? That’s how it works?

        Wow, that’s just a your-mom joke waiting to happen…

        Sorry, but you’re a slut if you want sex constantly and it doesn’t really matter to you with whom you have it. By this definition, Kotori isn’t a slut.

        • I think it’s more because she’s leading on every guy in the school…
          Kotori’s granddaughter, Nanaka, is a better example of this since she’s feeling up every guy in the school…

          • I don’t really agree. I’ve never really seen Kotori leading on any guy. She’s not being overly seductive or anything. She’s just generally nice to everyone, I believe.

            I agree with Nanaka more being like that, though.

          • as nurio said i never really saw kotori acting like that, nanka on the other hand i could have been fooled quite easily.

          • Nanaka, like Kotori couldn’t trust or deal with ppl without using their power and Nanaka needed to touch ppl to use her power. Neither ever had any ill intentions therefore ‘leading on’ is a misconception. If it were real life however then your points would hold true b/c ppl in games/visual novels don’t exist in the real life. Therefore girls as pure as Kotori & Nanaka do not exist. The end.

          • You’re bordering on spoiler territory right there…
            That said, I’m not sure I understand your argument.

            Kotori/Nanaka aren’t sluts because they don’t exist? In a sense, sure, but an argument like that would kill ALL discussion about ALL fiction.


          • Sounds like you all are in need of a good read on Waifu.

    • She’s actually a whore, jeeze. I mean, you pay $50 and then you get all that sex with her. And it’s not like there’s standards either…just need the money. Who knows how many people will take up the offer? Dozens…hundreds…

  6. Nintendo Maniac 64

    Am I missing something, or is “clamps” NOT just Engrish of “cramps”?

    • Nintendo Maniac 64

      Oh, guess I WAS missing something – specifically where it says that the image is a typo.

      • Well, personally I’d say that “clamps” thing is not a typo. I’ll show you the context to show you what I mean:

        Jun’ichi: “……Are you really sick? You look surprisingly fine……”
        Kotori: “N-no I don’t.”
        Kotori: “*Cough, cough……* oogh, I’ve got clamps……”
        Jun’ichi: “……You mean cramps?”
        Kotori: “Huh? Y-you think so?”
        Jun’ichi: “…………”

        As you can see, it’s pretty intentional and thus, not a typo.

  7. Nintendo Maniac 64

    In other news, those PNGs are FAKES! D:< Lossless my foot, there are JPG compression artifacts present!

    • Nintendo Maniac 64

      wait… turns out the first image is truly lossless, but the rest are not?

      lolwut. Consistency where?

      • Well, I know all my beautiful PNGs were turned into JPGs after I sent in my report… But again, I don’t think it matters much.
        If you really want lossless images, you’d need to rip them from the game yourself for personal use.

  8. Holy crap. Someone actually likes Nanako.

  9. 8th picture down and its caption… I was almost rolling on the floor. xD

  10. I’m very upset day by day ^^

  11. Hey just wondering why is kotori exp out of stock? is that even possible?

  12. yey its finaly time

  13. what time will they put it on sale?

  14. any news on kotori?

  15. Yay, finally buyable 😀
    anyway, what is the outline mode for? (in settings)

    • It’s like a summary. When you replay a scene you’ve already read, then you will only get a summary of 1-4 lines instead of the complete scene.

  16. So..erm
    What’s the status for D.C.P.C.?
    Is MG working on it for english release, or is it too much of a bother for them..? :s

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