We Love Master: The Girls

Normally we’d do a post about the guys of We Love Master first, but…uh…there aren’t any this time. Besides you, of course. And your lecherous uncle who shows up for about three scenes to warn you about your other uncle, the evil one. But that’s enough of the story – let’s get on to talking about your hot maids.

Sakura is your first option. She’s spunky, boobariffic, and from a family of gullible losers. While she often rejects your advances, it’s out of a sense of shyness and modesty – the stuff you’re asking her for is totally out of left field for someone with her background, and she’s still taking in how the upper class live let alone how to satisfy you sexually.Sakura is voiced by Serizono Miya, who you may remember as Rinrin in Koihime Musou, or as Sakura in Edelweiss.

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Hime, on the other hand, is a DFC girl with attitude. The only daughter of your greatest business rivals, Hime’s known you since you were in short trousers and has only become increasingly demanding with age, despite the fact that your family wiped hers off the financial map ages ago. A victim of her own pride and intelligence, Hime is the hardest of the girls to break, but the harder they come, the harder they fall, and watching her humiliation is part of the joy.Hime is voiced by Kurata Mariya, who voiced both Riri and Kyocho in Koihime Musou. She’s also voiced over a hundred other roles such as Nagumo Eri in Sharin no Kuni, and voice work for MuvLuv Altered Fable.

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And then there’s Kuu. A shy, quiet orphan, Kuu’s just glad to have someone taking an interest in her and takes her new duties V-E-R-Y seriously. A fast learner and always present with a willing mouth to fellate you to fulfillment, this doesn’t mean that Kuu doesn’t have her own issues to deal with at the same time.Kuu is voiced by Imuraya Honoka, who played Ryofu in Koihime Musou.

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Oh, and we can’t forget Ema, your head maid. She’s in charge of training the girls to know your hot spots and routines as well as how to do all the proper things girls do – cooking, cleaning, sewing, and so on. She’s also responsible for making sure the girls don’t get out of line – and heaven help them if they do. You certainly see her plenty often and plenty of her quite often, but sadly Ema doesn’t have a route of her own.

Ema is voiced by Iida Kuu, a VA with nearly 200 games to her name. Not only was she the voice of Kouchuu in Koihime Musou and Laiylia in Cosplay Alien, she’s also voiced Kiyohara Chihara in These are my Noble Masters, and tons of other games with her sexy, mature voice.

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So, there you have it: the girls of We Love Master. Which one will you train to be the best?

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  1. Meido! o/

  2. That’s the voice talent? (sobs) Goodbye $40…whenever this comes out

  3. Not-that-jobless-anymore

    Keep the good stuff coming MG, I finally landed a job in a small town so I can buy more VN’s.. among other things.

  4. “who you may remember as Rinrin in Koihime Musou, or as Sakura in Edelweiss.”

    “who played Ryofu in Koihime Musou.”

    game sold for this alone xD i was hesitant at first, but i think il manage to fit it in my list now X3

  5. wouldn’t know ririn fro koihime still no voice patch
    lol. you knew it was coming >_>

  6. My wallet hates you, MG. On the side note, Hime seems like the first girl I’ll go after. Love haughty ones with attitude.

  7. FinalAvalanche

    I hope that all the amazing VAs in We Love Master will encourage more people to buy Koihime Musou to get the voices back, and the sequels.

  8. Ah, and here are the girls! Still have to say I’m least interested in Hime, but everything looks good so far.
    Since Ema doesn’t have her own route, I wonder what the 4th route really is. Perhaps it is the harem route as some were suggesting?

  9. Nintendo Maniac 64

    “Serizono Miya, who you may remember as Rinrin in Koihime Musou, or as Sakura in Edelweiss.”

    Note that, in Edelweiss, Sakura was usually hanging around another girl called Rin…

    Seriously, are these names NOT Fate/stay night references or something?

  10. Wow, the one REAL maid doesn’t get a route, how disappointing…

  11. Ore no MEIDO!!

  12. choose head maid!!!…oh wait…no routes!? “sad face”

  13. man hurry up with a release date for this one getting kinda bored please

  14. kinda sad ema dont have a route alway had thing for chicks with classes

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