Announcing Go Go Nippon!

Have you ever thought of playing a Visual Novel, but didn’t know what’s best to start with? Or didn’t want to spend a lot to find out? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel to Japan? To spend a week there with two beautiful girls? Then Go Go Nippon is the perfect game for you!Developed by OVERDRIVE, makers of Kira Kira, Edelweiss, Deardrops, and more, Go Go Nippon marks the very first visual novel created by a Japanese studio specifically for the western audience!

These sisters will show you around some of the best sights in town in this interactive guidebook! You’ll even find out how much the trip costs and what the food’s like!

Speaking from a staff side though, this game was a lot of fun to work on. This was the first game where me, and several of our other English speaking staff were able to review the scripts, and give actual input on the game before it went off to development. Were there times I face-palmed at things that happened in this tale? Oh, yes, yes there were. But only because those were things I had actually done myself during my year abroad in Japan.

This is definitely a great piece for anyone who would like to go to Japan, anyone preparing to go to Japan, anyone who wants to learn a little more about it, or anyone who just wants to find out what a Visual Novel is like. If you know anyone who likes anime or manga, this is the game to show them.

And what would a VN be without at least a little service? =D

Akira was my favorite, even if her English is terrible.

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  1. Overdive? cool stuff

  2. Yay, it’s finally here! That exclusive game from Overdrive!

    Well, it’s still a month away, but still…

    Ah, I didn’t want to spoil the CG for me, but I just saw Akira’s ass. T_T Oh well, I bet there’s still a lot of pretty stuff I haven’t seen yet.

  3. I am a tad on edge considering the premise (I have seen AWFUL shows and documentaries with this premise, they all were are you expected), but considering it is a joint effort between a Western company and an Eastern company I have high hopes for this.

  4. Reading this on my iPod….no power….but this was something great to read.

    Can’t wait x3

  5. This looks greeeeaaaaat~ The art is beautiful. This is really going to help with my eventual trip to Japan! Thanks Overdrive! Thanks Mangagamer!

  6. I can’t wait for this

  7. DAT ASS

    No no but seriously…I’m looking forward to this a lot. I don’t know if I’ll ever go to Japan, but I am a nerd who likes learning new stuff so…

  8. I actually think the setting for the story is cliche, making new Japanese friends, finding out they are two cute sisters, and on top of that their parents aren’t home!? But it’s still AWESOME, who said cliche is boring even if its overused? It’s all about the presentation.

    I noticed that the main chara’s name wasn’t given on the web page so does that mean we get to name the character? It’ll definitely make the experience more enjoyable if that’s so.

    *Imagines my real name in the text box in one of the sister’s dialogues*

    Kyaaaaaaa XD

    • Brrr, I hope that’s not the case. I wouldn’t know what to do if I have to fill in a name. I think I’d just enter names of protagonists I’m already used to.
      It’ll probably be Haruma Kazushi to honor the release of Edelweiss at the beginning of the month.

      • Hmm…maybe it just depends on how the person views it? I myself don’t think it’s all that weird. And its also “My First Trip to Japan!” so if I name the character with my real name it might give off a sense of personal excitement, not to say that I’m not excited about it yet.

        But if I were to use a different name, I think I’ll choose “Blick Winkel.”

    • Whenever I play a game where you need to fill out a name for the protagonist, I always pick ‘rapist’. It’s usually the most appropriate choice…

  9. The first post asked, “And what would a VN be without at least a little service?” I know it will sound cynical, but I believe one answer to that question would be “creative.” It is worrying to realize how many visual novels can be classified as harem stories, porn games, or both.

    Thankfully, there are some exceptions. But it’s not easy to find a visual novel which is not centered around attractive characters and fictional relationships. Even when I search the Visual Novel Database for games in English with the tag “no sexual content” —;fil=tagspoil-0.tag_inc-235.lang-en;o=a;s=title — many of the results are still romance games, or include characters the audience may find appealing.

    That said, I’m only human, so I can honestly say that I like media which includes cute characters and shipping. And I know that in visual media, it’s rare to see unattractive characters, except as an occasional joke. But I still hope that people will create more diverse visual novels, so that there will be more examples which can’t be easily classified as harem stories or porn games.

    • I think you’re barking up the wrong tree here. I’m pretty sure the goal here is to not only sell the one new title, but to give people the impetus to pick up other titles after they finish this one. It would kind of defeat the point if this one was drastically different.

    • Well, if they ever make Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa into a VN, I’m buying it. But I doubt anyone else will. πŸ˜€

      VNs are a very convenient way to resolve a harem plot the way you want to. It’s only natural those types of stories are the dominant genre. Therefore, you can’t really blame a VN that’s meant to be a gateway to other similar works, if it caters to the main demographic.

      Besides, you can’t really blame VNs (a minor player) for not doing what the movie/TV/animation industry never really did, either.

    • I think a great example of a visual novel that doesn’t revolve around the harem/porn mindset would be Narcissu. It has a beautifully written story, music, and for some reason even though there is a lack in character art, it still delivers a beautiful example of what a serious story based visual novel is all about.

      Though I would say that having the “fan service,” especially that shower pic on the product page, defeats the purpose of making it “all ages” in the first place. I mean it’s a pretty big sexual attention grabber imo.

  10. Does this game include “NO GAIJIN ALLOWED” shops?

    Nice cocktease

  11. The timing can’t be better as my first trip to Japan will be next march. ^__^

  12. Jajaja. It seems really interesting and it’ll be cheap. A good way to introduce more people in these things. Good luck^^

  13. Yep, with a price of 9.99 € there is no reason not to buy it.

  14. I’m going to happily buy this and not even my $300 pre-orders can stop me! No seriously thank you for making it so cheap. There are way to many good games coming out this year and I have a limited income with bills to high for this crappy place. I really am living on 85 cent noodles for while.

  15. A VN exclusively for overseas market??????Sugoi *o*

  16. Say I were to buy this game, what would the transaction info show up as? I’m new to this whole thing and I’m not sure I’d like if my wife could read “Go! Go! Nippon!” on the transaction history.

  17. Sorry but what platform is this game for please?

  18. Never mind, I just saw on the site that it’s for pc πŸ™‚

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