Edelweiss: The Girls

This time, we’re here to talk about the girls who aren’t introduced on the website–the side characters.


The first two to introduce are Fujisaki Rin and Takase Sakura. Although both of them are side characters for this game, they were popular enough to become Heroines in the fandisk, so you can actually read a description on our website.

Fujisaki Rin is voiced by Isshiki Hikaru, who you may remember from our introduction of Kannei in Koihime Musou.

Takase Sakura is also voiced by a VA from Koihime Musou as well–Serizono Miya, the voice of Rinrin. Serizono Miya is a seasoned eroge voice actress with well over 400 different titles behind her. Starting early on with Itou Nanami from Tokimeki Check in!, she’s also stared as Nagura Yui in MOON, Shina Mayu in ONE, Sasagiri Tsukina in Baldr Force, and Yun YenFei in Rui ha Tomo wo Yobu, not to mention the countless nukige for Liquid, Cyc, UMeSoft, and other brands. She also voiced We Love Master‘s Sakura too.


Next is Fuusen Kazuko. In terms of looks, her body and style is absolutely gorgeous, and she would be a perfect woman–if she just wore a bag over her head. Her face is quite ugly, but the rest of her causes a lot of men to mistakenly try and hit on her, giving her quite a bit of self-confidence. She’s also a strong, positive thinker who never lets it get to her when people do say horrible thinks about her looks. She’s good friends with Haruka and Ran, but also especially Mizuki. She’s more often than not seen with her closest friend, Andou Rei. Amongst the girls, she seems to be the most knowledgeable about sexual matters for some reason.

The voice actress behind Fuusen also played a similar role in Green Green, but works primarily as a newscaster and a narrator for Japanese Television.


Next is Andou Rei. Andou is huge. She rivals Daigo in terms of size, but her build is far more muscular. She makes her morning apple juice by crushing fresh apples with her grip, and only a bear hug could ever be had from this woman. Yet despite the impression her muscular build gives, she’s still a very sensitive, feminine woman. She’s known Fuusen for quite some time, and they’re often seen together.

The voice behind Andou Rei is also that of the Academy’s principal, Aozora Hisae. Several other roles she’s done include the Shinigami, Rem, from Death Note, Sister from Eden of the East, Martha Lipponen from Valkyria Chronicles, and numerous dubbing roles for shows such as Cheers! CSI, and so forth.


Aozora Hisae, is the principal of Eden Academy which she founded together with her husband. She is Haruka’s grandmother, and an exceptional alchemist. She is small in build, very polite, refined, and well mannered, but her eyes occasionally belie a strong drive towards something. What could she be hiding, and what is she plotting?


Now, since the website doesn’t introduce the VAs behind the heroines, I thought I’d do so here.

Aozora Haruka is voiced by Katori Natsumi, who’s also played Mayumi Thyme in our very own Shuffle!, as well as Jinguuji Marimo in the MuvLuv series.

Hinata Mizuki is voiced by Aoiro Touko, who plays the role of Takauchi Masako in Oretachi ni Tsubasa ha Nai. She also stars as Scanty in Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, Cure Passion in PreCure, Julia Schwarz in Trails in the Sky, and Isako Toriumi in Persona 3, as well as being a regular announcer for Cartoon Network in Japan in addition to her extensive dubbing of Hollywood Movies for Japan.

Kamoike Ran is voiced by Yoshino Natsuki, who plays Ayamine Kei in MuvLuv, Misaki Wakai in Kakyuusei, as well as Caldina in Magic Knight Rayearth, and even Tina Armstrong in Dead or Alive.

Amamiya Natsume’s voice actress can also be seen as Vanessa in Red Garden, or in Prinny 2 for the PSP.

Ibuki Mei’s voice actress can also be heard as KOS-MOS and T-elos in the Xenosaga series, Nobunaga’s wife, Noh, in the Samurai Warriors series, Elizabeth Conway in Time Crisis 4, as well as the narrator for several variety shows on Japanese Television.

Come join the fun this time next week!

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  1. Is the sequel also going to get a new translation, or was it done well enough that it doesn’t need one?

  2. What can I say about the girls? They’re all great. Edelweiss is one of those games where I can’t really pinpoint my favorite. That’s rare, because usually there’s at least one girl for me that really stands out from the rest.
    I guess my favorite is Sakura, though I can’t put my finger on why…

  3. Just wanted to ask if the new translation comes out do we need to redownload the whole pack? Just asking.

    • Yeah, I am kind of confused about how it will work as well.

    • Hopefully the new version will be available to download as is for our new buyers, but for old users the update will be in the form of a patch you can download from our website. It should show up under “My Account” once it’s available.

  4. I have to agree with Nurio on this, I love all the girls in this game and am really looking forward to the new translation. What more of an excuse do I need to replay a great fun game.
    Everyone should buy it!

  5. First let me just say that you guys are awesome for improving upon what you have already given to us.
    Second let me just ask this:
    Are you planning to rerelease anymore games that you feel might need a retranslation in the future?

  6. Sakura and Ran are the best one to me. But all the girls have their good points.^^ This time i’ll try to buy the game and not only the trial version.

  7. I’ve only finished Mizuki’s and Ran’s arcs. I’m gonna finish Mei’s arc. These 3 are my favorite. But if I had to choose which among the 3, I’d choose Mizuki. I’m attracted to tsunderes. πŸ™‚

  8. wow, i really love Rin’s seiyuu voice, it kinda moe for me.. πŸ˜› idk why i’m addicted to hear her voice, good job on seducing me Isshiki Hikaru. πŸ˜€

  9. “Hinata Mizuki is voiced by Aoiro Touko…” Couldn’t find anything about Aoiro Touko. When i looked for the other roles i always found the name “Yuka Komatsu”?

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