We at MangaGamer are proud to announce our release of the re-translation patch for Edelweiss!

Edelweiss is back, and better than ever! Follow the adventures of Kazushi and his three stooges as they crash the party at an all-girls’ school on its own private island. Do they like big girls? Quiet girls? Shy girls? Tsuntsuns? Everywhere they look, it’s girls, girls, girls! And for the mature woman fan, there’s always a chance of being hot for teacher too.Lovingly re-translated, this new release of Edelweiss brings the game’s text up to standard, highlighting the humor inherent in the Japanese edition and guaranteeing that no bad pun or over the top joke goes unmissed. A steal at only €24.95 (or €30.95 when bundled with the fandisc Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia), this new release is sure to have you laughing in your seat and crying tears of manly joy as wacky hijinks and life-changing events hit the students of Eiden Academy. Of course, it also wouldn’t be an OVERDRIVE game without a soundtrack by MILKTUB, now would it?

Fans who have already purchased Edelweiss, either in solo form or in the bundle with Eiden Fantasia, are entitled to a free upgrade patch with the new translation. In order to download this patch, simply log into your MangaGamer.com account and look under your purchases.

And remember – your success in alchemy depends on your frame of mind, so let us put you in a good mood with Edelweiss!

If you’ve already purchased the game, you’ll find the patch listed under “Patches” on your “My Account” page.

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  1. Will be next on my to play list, thanks so much MG

  2. Been waiting for this, now I can finally enjoy Edelweiss.

  3. There is no patches section on the My Account page…

  4. At last! Thank you guys, been looking forward to this.

  5. Thanks a Bunch I’ll get it when I’ve got more Fundage

  6. Yes, thank you very much. I can finally play Edelweiss!

  7. It’s here! I’ll play this when I’m finally done with Higurashi Kai and Koihime Musou. Luckily, there’s no rush, since I’ve already played Edelweiss once before.

  8. Thank you very much MangaGamer for this. I know it’s no matter of course so much kudos to you!

  9. I know this isn’t the place but it’s now a bit frustrating. I’m running into a problem here. I have the bundle pack and for some reason I can’t get Edelweiss to register after applying the patch then for some other reason as well Eiden Fantasia needs to be registered again.

    Due to this I believe I only have 2 more activations left and I just got a renewal today. Used one on Edelweiss which didn’t register, one on Eiden Fantasia after testing to see if my other MG games works, which this only seems to affect the Edelweiss games. And one more again on Edelweiss after extracting the game and reapplying the patch to no avail. After registering nothing happens the game window doesn’t even come up and after restarting my computer I have to register it again.

    I have Avast antivirus and have disabled the sandbox and even disabled the antivirus’s file system shield. I also checked my internet explorer settings, but there was no need to change anything there.

    • Out of curiosity, which games did you try? Koihime/Guilty, or one of our older releases?

      And have you tried e-mailing our support?

      • Ahh somehow got it to work, though now I only have 1 activation left. All I really did was start up my games since Eiden Fantasia for some reason needed to be re-registered. Don’t have guilty, but koihime, soul link, suika, shera, cosplay alien etc…works without needing to re-register.

        The problem occurred when I first applied the patch around 12am on release date, it registered without me having to mess with any of my security and the game window comes up, started new game, saved and I then exited the game. Went and played Cosplay Alien which I just bought about a few days ago. Then came back to play Edelweiss and oh the horror!!! The problem started then. I re-register, works, but with suspicion after it successfully loads up the title screen I close the program and re-start it afterwards and well you can guess the rest with me having to request for activation renewal. Eiden Fantasia needing registration….

        As for how I got it to work……did the same thing with my security settings……restart computer, disable all my security settings that may have been preventing it, open my internet browser and refresh page, refresh page, refresh page so to make sure my connection is working and voila!! It registers!! Close game………re-start with my eyes closed, mouth agape, waited for several seconds……fearfully opens my eyes and it starts up flawlessly.

        My Eiden Fantasia still needs registration, but since I’ve already played it; I’ll wait it out to see if anything might come to happen again.

      • Same thing happened to me after I bought the bundle on 2 Sept. I actually ran out of activations so I emailed your customer support that same day & am just waiting for a new activation code; hopefully I’ll get it soon. It’s frustrating because I’ve been waiting for the retranslation ever since I first heard of it late last year.

    • Similar thing has happened to me. Both Edelweiss and Eiden Fantasia have needed to be re-registered, and Edelweiss again needed registering twice as the first time it didn’t go through.

      In regards Edelweiss, I restarted my computer and re-ran BGI and it worked the second time (the first time the activation came up in Japanese?) but I assume it used up two activations. I haven’t reactivated Eiden Fantasia yet as I’ve completed it, but was considering replaying after finishing the original…

      • I’ve got the bundle, and ran into this myself and ended up using all of my registrations. I’ve already emailed support and now waiting.

  10. i would love to see this on the iphone/android for that matter all vn’s should be

    • Nintendo Maniac 64

      Actually both Edelweiss is already on Android, but only in Japanese for some reason…

      • It’s also on Iphone in Japanese.

        Kira Kira got lucky in that the PC version was already available when the mobile release occurred so they were able to do a duo release. However because of the translation update, we can assume they were waiting for release.

        It’ll probably be available soon, I’d give it a month or 2.

  11. Hmm, I really want to play, but given the huge internet related problems I face (I live in the woods), I think I’ll wait the two years or whatever until there’s a special or a con and hard copies are offered. Also, the difference in opinion I had after before and after playing the demo is incredible — that blurb does less than nothing to sell the game, but the first 30 minutes definitely do~

    • Funny story, Kouryuu also lives in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the woods.

    • Yeah, back before I got decent Internet at my house I’d either go to a friend’s or to like Starbucks in order to steal Internet. You can use their lines to download the game(s) and the activation should go fine even on shitty net.

  12. Nice,I’ll be waiting for equal patches for other VNs like Hinata Bokko and Da Capo I ^^

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