Dengeki Stryker: Balbora Empire

Security clearance level confirmed. Now displaying all available intel on known Balboran invaders.

Route of invasion: Sea, via underwater submersible. Investigations confirm submersible was destroyed upon arrival. Wreckage contained no new intel of value.
Size of forces: 9 bionic soldiers  and 1 regular soldier confirmed. Exact scale unknown. Believed to be a forward scouting squad.
Known Objectives: Gather intel on Japan, capture Stryker Units, earn money to afford rent and meals.
Current Location: Tokyo. Exact whereabouts unknown.

Corporal Kazami Rin
Regular soldier. Our agents have spotted her in school with Stryker Zero. Presumed to be operating in an intelligence capacity. Often spotted together with Stryker Zero, Hongou Haruna, and Ichimonji Sayaka at school. Outside of school she is often spotted with Colonel Mirror. Reports indicate she may hold affection for the Colonel.

Warrant Officer Orson
Bionic soldier. Notable powers: superhuman strength. Has shown to be slow in combat, a weakness offset by his high endurance. Rarely speaks or appears in public.

Warrant Officer Duran
Bionic soldier. Notable powers: none. Calls himself “Braniac Duran”; known to specialize in the creation and use of various gadgets. Has been seen to utilize a wide array of weaponry in combat including various guns and missiles.

Warrant Officer Joseph
Bionic soldier, dog. Notable powers: powerful claws, breathes fire. Has been seen exhibiting behavior typical of male dogs when not engaged in combat.

Lieutenant Roches
Bionic soldier. Notable powers: manipulation of multiple blades. Calls himself “Silverado Roches”. First to engage Stryker Zero upon their initial landing. Two blades were seen to be used in their skirmish; exact total he controls is unconfirmed.

Lieutenant Phoenix
Bionic soldier. Notable powers: manipulation of flame. Calls himself “Hellfire Phoenix”. Second to engage Stryker Zero. Specializes in long and wide-range attacks.

Lieutenant Hilko
Bionic soldier. Notable powers: telekinesis. Known to resort to trickery and other stratagems during combat. Has exhibited clear vanity and selfishness.

Captain Daniel
Bionic soldier. Notable powers: manipulation of gravity. Strives to act “gentlemanly” at all times, in all matters.

Captain Murray
Bionic soldier. Powers unknown. Confirmed to be acting commander of current invasion forces.

Colonel Mirror
Bionic soldier. Powers unknown. Our spies confirm he was designated as commander of the current operation, but left the rest of his squad after placing Captain Murray in charge in his stead. Service records indicate Colonel Mirror has focused on solo-missions in the past. Exercise caution. Our spies have also heard him mention Stryker Zero’s real name, together with a strange term: “Memory Collector”. Further investigation recommended.

Brigadier General Curtis
Bionic soldier. Powers unknown. Past battles have shown him to be a brutal, ruthless commander who will not hesitate to sacrifice his own men. Intercepted communications indicate he is the supreme commander of the current operation. He has not been spotted in Japan as of present.

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    (Someone had to say it.)

  2. I like it when the “villains” are shown to be just like everybody else. Truly makes them a lot more interesting more so than the mysterious unknown never around villain that somehow knows the “heroes” every move and even what time they took a shower and what not.

  3. There isn’t any images of Hilko and murray here.

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