New Hard Copies for AX!

With Anime Expo 2012 drawing near, it’s time to start introducing some of what we’ll be offering there! And first up, is the hard-copies we plan to have on sale!

Naturally, you can expect us to be selling the hard copies that are already in print. We’ll have Kira Kira, Higurashi, Higurashi Kai, Go Go Nippon, Guilty, We Love Master, Koihime Musou, our Edelweiss Deluxe Set, the Limited Edition of Da Capo 2, and the last few remaining copies of Da Capo‘s Limited Edition.

But that’s not all! We’ll also be selling two new hard copies, available exclusively at our booth until after Anime Expo.
The first of our new hard copies will be Harem Party! This will be a regular edition, similar to our releases of Guilty and We Love Master.

However, our second new hard-copy, will be a Limited Edition release of DEARDROPS! This Limited Edition release will feature a mini-album, containing the following vocal tracks from the game:

1) Melody of Hope (DEARDROPS)
2) No Music, No Future (LEO)
3) Anytime, Anywhere (DEARDROPS)
4) My Dear Stardust (DEARDROPS)
5) Magic Mirror (Sakurai Kanade)

But that’s not all! Our Limited Edition release of DEARDROPS is also going to feature a complete set of the DEARDROPS guitar picks owned by the band members in-game!

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  1. Please also on the Euro shop. Please also on the Euro shop.

    • please ! please ! please ! please ! please ! please !
      I really want my DEARDROPS hard copy ♥♥♥♥♥♥
      (Anytime, Anywhere is my favourite song of DD)

    • just saw they said “yes” on twitter. o/
      we ♥ Mangagamer

    • Yes, all of the hard copies will available to everyone. AX and Otakon will be the first opportunities to buy them, and then they’ll be available at our EU store, J-list, and other shops carrying them.

  2. Mary Whitehouse

    Pfft, a new limited edition hardcopy… Looks like its time for me to spend some money again.

  3. I won’t HAVE to go to Anime Expo to get the Deardrops limited edition will I? After Anime Expo I’ll be able to buy it online and it will come with the soundtrack and guitar picks yes?

    • Yes, the limited edition extras will be available through every retailer selling the game. They’ll simply be available for sale at AX and Otakon before they will be available at said retailers.

  4. Oh you kiisamas! You’re going to make me double dip again! *shakes fist… that’s full of money*

  5. I did not get the digital copy of Dear Drops earlier, as I am waiting patiently for the hard copy. And I’m glad that my wait is worth it…a limited edition with some goodies, fantastic!

    I hope MG can rush and finish the hard copy for Dengeki Stryker too, so I can get it at AX as well.

  6. Both games can already be preordered on JList:

    • Yup, but the hard copies won’t be shipped until after AX, so don’t expect the orders to be filled until after Otakon.

  7. Oh man I’m going to double dip on DearDrops! (Haven’t finished any routes). Those picks look sweet as hell. I’ll come by your AX booth on the 1st day.

  8. Shut up and take my money, you magnificent bastards!!

  9. That Deardrops hard copy… You shall have my money. Will be also a nice opportunity to finally get Go Go Nippon, planned to wait until I can buy it together with something else anyway.

  10. raincoat superstar

    Well, this was sooner than expected. If I’d known it would only be three months between the digital and hard copy releases I would’ve waited – I’m still yet to play through Kanade and Riho’s routes!

    I am sorely tempted to double-dip for the CD and picks, not to mention that Deardrops is a game I’d just love to have a physical copy of. Also, that cover art is so. damn. good.

  11. sweet I hope you will have some at Otakon as well

  12. Interested in both. Have been unable to get Deardrops because I kept spending my money elsewhere(*cough* amiami *cough*), but if that’s the extra goodie I’m going to get with the physical edition then I’ll plow my wallet for the money.

  13. Definately getting the limited edition for deardrops…although I just have to ask, what’s the chance mangagamer will be releasing the d2b vs deardrops fandisc??

  14. Just wanted to comment to leave my support to you guys, it’s awesome to have another translating website out there! I was wondering what other games you will be working on translating? I’m hoping you can try to translate Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, that is a game I am definitely interested in buying! Keep up the good work, I’m cheering for you!

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