School's Out for Summer! Sale

School’s out, and summer is here! What does that mean? A brand new sale for you!

Exams are over, reports are in, and universities, academies, and colleges alike are out for summer! Everyone’s kicking back, cranking up the AC, and enjoying their new-found freedom! And girls! Girls, girls, everywhere! Girls at the beach, girls at the park, girls at the local cafes! But you know, why leave the comforts of home when you can practice alchemy, start a rock-band, and still enjoy all the girls you want? We’re here to help with that! From now until June 15th, we’re putting all of the following titles on sale, so come on by and enjoy these girls of summer!

Cosplay Alien €15.95 →  €12.95
Edelweiss €24.95 →  €19.95
Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia €15.95 →  €9.95
Edelweiss Bundle Set €30.95 →  €24.95
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni €15.95 →  €12.95
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai €24.95 →  €21.95
Kira Kira €24.95 →  €19.95
Kira Kira Curtain Call €15.95 →  €9.95
Kira Kira Bundle Set €30.95 →  €24.95
Suika A.S+ €24.95 →  €19.95

And of course, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the chance to pre-order the hottest visual novel of this summer, Dengeki Stryker!

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  1. Sale pitches of destiny.

  2. Until MG releases VNs in Brazil I don’t buy any u.u

    • they won’t be any VN at your local store, that’s for sure, but jlist does intl shipping.

    • Wow, what a shocker! Yagami not buying anything!

    • No, Yagami’s complaining over the lack of a Manga Gamer storefront in Brazil for him to order from. He doesn’t want to import from anywhere else as that would incur additional tariffs that he’s unwilling to pay, which is rather amazing when you consider that he just pirates all of Manga Gamer’s games anyways…

      It’s an ongoing joke that Yagami is never going to pay for a Manga Gamer game and so there’s no point in ever seriously considering his comments. Not to mention his nonsensical replies to people who call him out on his idiocy is amusing to no end.

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