Dengeki Stryker: Civilians

Security clearance level confirmed. Now displaying all accessible information on key civilians.

Yuuki Yamato.
Civilian identity of Stryker Zero. Born and raised in a rural village. Currently attending local school in Tokyo to preserve his cover while facing the Balboran Invaders. Frequents Ichimonji Cafe to gather intel.

Hongou Haruna.
Born and raised in a rural village. Attends school in the same class as Stryker Zero. Claims to know Yuuki Yamato prior to his bionic enhancements; veracity unclear.

Ichimonji Sayaka.
Attends school in the same class as Stryker Zero. Works at Ichimonji cafe. BACKGROUND CLASSIFIED.

Jack. Real name unknown.
Confirmed to be a foreign element originating from Texas, USA. Actions and abilities suggest bionic enhancements, though Jack claims those powers are “ninjutsu”, not bionic enhancements. No intel exists on an American bionic enhancement program. Behavior suggests Jack is an ally, not an enemy. Currently residing with Stryker Zero.

Memory Collector.
Unknown element. Frequently mentioned by Colonel Mirror. Said to be an old man. Investigation required.

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  1. Calling this now!

    Sayaka became a prototype cyborg when she was very young but she doesn’t know about it herself.

  2. hey how far can you get in trial just wondering and nice info

    • Can’t say how long it took me to finish as I don’t ever usually marathon a eroge, trial or not, in one sitting nor do I keep track of how long it took me to finish, but it lasted pretty long like other trials put out previously for other titles.

      You should probably have a really good feel for if you want more of it or its not what you’re really looking for once you finish the trial, where it ended with a cliff hanger…..and a good one at that. It definitely made me want to know what’s going to happen next.

      • i know im going to buy this for sure just was wondering cuss im at chapter 4 now in trial and was wondering how many chapters were in it one thing i like about this game 2 really it made by overdrive think their only people out their that do story based H games instead of the mindless fuck feasts not saying anything wrong with that just i personal like story driven VNs and that is ant the same cookie cutter harem or school setting

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