SSSS: Profile – Iiyama Maimi

cg_06Mission Briefing Enclosed.

Mr. Iiyama,

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to pursue research into the sexual habits and health of recently legal ladies. As you live with a perfect specimen, your first task will be to sexually investigate your younger sister, Iiyama Maimi.

Devoted, dedicated, and delightful, Maimi is a demure specimen unlike those of most modern girls, pursuing a traditional life of service to family over promiscuity and designer fashions. Such an exception must be given additional attention.

Given her jealous and protective nature regarding you, her brother, we suspect you will have little difficulty approaching and engaging the subject. While your cover as a salaryman may be blown, we are certain that there is a position for her in FAPPS should the need arise.aimimg_3.3

This message will self-destruct in 10 seconds.

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  1. Hum I’m curious is there any romance in the game or is just “turn them into sluts 007 if you choose to accept”simulator?

  2. This mission has a rate of 42% of you surviving.
    Past agents have been terminated by being overwhelmed by HNNNNNG!.

  3. Don’t worry, Kouryuu, I’m always on duty! *crumples up soon to self destruct message and tosses it in Kouryuu’s direction*

  4. I never understood why people find little sister characters to be so attractive. I have a little sister and she’s a complete and total pain in the ass. Is it that ‘the grass always looks greener on the other side’ thing for you non-little sister sufferers? Cause if so I have some advice… Run far away.

    • Hehe, Sasahara in Genshiken also never used the little sister character, so it’s probably a rule. ^_^

    • I have to say…having a little sister myself also turns me off from little sisters. I guess it’s easier to fantasize about something when you don’t have a counterexample of the depressing reality living with you πŸ˜›

      • You should follow the example from, Real Imouto ga Iru Ooizumi-kun no Baai. If you’re depressed about the cruel reality of real little sisters you look for the ideal one in eroge, anime, or manga.

        Of course, no real life Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai!! – Might have come out sounding like bad Japanish(engrish, get it? lol).

    • I don’t have a little sister, but I have three older sisters, and I like both the little sister and older sister character arch-types.

    • You’re missing the point here…who the hell in their right mind would want to bang their little sister in real life? Now that’s just disgusting, I totally agree.

      I myself have 3 older sisters and a little sister so I understand where your confusion is coming from. Its all really subjective. Onee-san, the well proportioned sexy older type woman. She’s strict but lets you do naughty stuff when in alone with her and listens to your requests. Imouto, the adorable and cute younger girl who loves you and spouts “Daisuki, dai, dai, dai, DA-I-SU-KI. Also the “close family-like relationship” may also be a factor for those who like these two archetypes thus why the hot step-sister archetype also exists.

      Of course I don’t look at my real life sisters this way and I’d like to say so for others who are in the right of mind, that’s just disgusting.

      • No, you’re missing the point here. No one here is talking about “banging their little sister in real life”. It’s only about the game(s).

      • I think I could understand Pamela Andersons brother Gerry if he wanted to bang his sister when they were young… πŸ™‚

      • @ pirkaf
        I’m missing the point?
        “It’s only about the game(s).” The game? Agent Iiyama’s banging his little sister, duh. And I actually got that line from the english translated demo of “Real Imouto ga Iru Ooizumi-kun no Baai.”

        Of course having a real little sister in life isn’t what anime/eroge makes it out to be especially because no L.S.I.R.L. acts like those characters. I even gave my reasons why I like those archetypes.

        Basically from what I read, I’m interpreting that Nyeh? doesn’t know why some people are into little sister characters because he has a real little sister and she basically annoys him. I gave the reasons why I like those characters and said that people probably don’t really look at those characters as their own “RL sisters.” Of course there are cases in which real incest happens that is why i said it was disgusting.

      • I don’t support nor i’m agains incest. I only support the love to whoever you want and the respect about others life.

        I’m not interested on a relative of mine, not because it’s disgusting or not, i’m just not interested, also it would bring a lot of family problems. Out of that, I actualy I don’t find incest disgusting. For me, as long there is love, people can love whoever they want, specialy if it is male and female because it’s natural at atraction level. but if they are related by blood they have to be careful with the genetic problems there could be if they want kids and that all i care.

        I found homosexual things a little disgusting TO ME but i let them be and respect their tastes since no one have the right to criticize how other live and i know it is only a kind of dislike of mine that i should not make it bother others.

        Incest has been in all human History and even today so is not somthing to be surprised. You can even guess it should happen with adan and eva’s kids and even einstein married his couin. Actualy a lot of world wide people recive his first kiss from a relative (cousin usualy) when they are kids.

        I repeat. I don’t support nor i’m agains incest. I only support the love to whoever you want and the respect about others life. If they are related they only most to know the problems it can bring and that’s all.

        In games i like little sister(and or cousin (Related or not by blood). I don’t mind older sister . I found that most of those little sister Type are cute, and ussualy care lot about you. There is also a little morbo in it and, again, is a game so as long i like the girl there is no need to worry about choose her or not.

  5. The more I’ve read about this game the more I’ve realized how blatantly sexist it is.
    However, after reading this post I can’t help, but think that know video game developer in their right mind could create a story this misogynistic and NOT intend it to be a parody.

    Whether or not ironic sexism is any different compared to regular sexism is up to each individual to decide for himself/herself, but in my book it makes this game more interesting.

    • ………????

    • You make a good point, and yet… It is anyone’s guess how clever softhouse’s writers actually are. Still, i gotta agree that such an angle does make the company a little less deserving of being looked down upon.

  6. This intellectually repulsive, I hope you guys are ashamed for capitalising off the LCD of your fans. Last release I had any interest in was ef, and who knows if the latter tale is even going to be released this year (if ever). Not impressed by your recent title releases, MG.

    • Actually, ef-the latter tale is in Beta Testing right now, which should be over by the end of this month. Once minori applies the changes from that, it’ll be ready for release.

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