SSSS: Profile – Kusakabe Saki

aimimg_4.4Mission Briefing Enclosed.

Mr. Iiyama,

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to research the sexual habits of wealthy aristocratic maidens at the point of their introduction to society. Your first target is Kusakabi Saki, heiress to a large corporation.

Having been entered into an arranged marriage with a wealthy suitor, Saki’s credit card history reveals a penchant for high end sex toys and implements of S&M. Such interest is unusual for a believed virgin, and as such requires extreme care in your method of engagement.ssss09c

Your task, therefore, is to confirm Saki’s virginity and the motivation behind such purchases. Preliminary intelligence shows that the young lady is particularly devoted to her younger sister, Ruri, who is also showing a blossoming interest in mature relationships following her own entry to adulthood, though she also exhibits disturbing trends to consider her sister merely an imaginary friend. Additional data is required to understand this further.ssss02c

This message will self-destruct in 10 seconds.

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  1. So she comes with her own imouto, this should be nice…don’t worry, Kouryuu, I’m always on duty!
    *crumples soon to destruct message and unintentionally tosses it in Kouryuu’s direction*

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