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032Oh my, where did these come from?






Poor poor Mayumi…

And a bonus:


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  1. Yep, I think the real reason to play this game is most definitely Cineraria

  2. Cineraria is much sarcastic and funny,unfortunately she’s don’t have a route in SHUFFLE! Essence+ x.x

  3. Hmm, I think I have to see more from Cineraria to make a decision about what to think about her. Judging from those comments alone, she could be either a highly amusing bold girl or a real bi*ch.

  4. I don’t know much about Tick Tack so I’ve been wondering about this for a while….so we can have Rin fall in love with Nerine’s mom, Forbesii’s current fiancee, and whoever else? So he can ditch Nerine to get a new girl basically?

    That bastard, how dare he cheats on such an Angel!!!

    • Rather then being about Rin hooking up with a girl, he’s trying to hook up Forbessi with one of them I think… And Rin can hook up with different versions of Nerine, lets call them Nerine, Nirede and Loline.

    • Because the only thing better than an Angel is an oyako donburi.

    • I’ve been wondering about this too. However, the main page only shows threesomes with Nerine/Sage, a masturbation shot of Cineria and a scene with Ai where the man isn’t visible so it could be Forbesii.

      Navel hasn’t done any netorare so far so I don’t think they’re going to actually have Rin cheating on Nerine.

      • Is it really cheating if you’re seducing Forbesii’s fiancee to ensure Nerine is born? Isn’t that really just the ultimate form of fidelity?

  5. New Shuffle Titel is good, but unfortunately without Sakura. One Question if we could obtain three Nerine Versions, how can you obtain Nerines third Version?

    1. Version (Sage as mother)
    2. Version (Ai as mother)
    3. Version ???

  6. I’ve been trying to pin down why I liked Shuffle but find Koihime Musou to be unplayably tedious. I suppose the difference is in dialogue like this. A good moege wins you over with interesting characters and amusing dialogue, and has a plot that goes somewhere eventually. A bad moege has reused caricatures rather than characters and humor that falls flat, and the dialogue just ends up being pointless filler that is a chore to sit through.

  7. « you should go violate Sage-chan! ♪ » Epic lol XD

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