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Last week, we introduced you to Nerine… so next, we’ve got this lovely lady to introduce you to! Meet: Ai.

As the plot begins, you find out (very quickly, mind you) that Ai is fiancee of Forbesii, the King of the Devils. Depending on how you mess up history, this might even come to pass! Or maybe, it was just fated that you would come back in time. Some theories of time travel suggest any “changes” you make were already there before you ever left, after all… Who knows, maybe it was also fate that she would fall for you! C’mon, it’s for the space-time continuum, you want to save Nerine, right? Right? Yes, yes you do.

Saving Nerine. Yup. Let's do this.

Saving Nerine. Yup. Let’s do this.

Despite everything, Ai is a somewhat adventurous character. At first glance, she may just seem like the polite, quiet type, but she isn’t above doing things such as blaming her actions on alcohol…

She also loves baths, and may spend hours upon hours a day taking them, getting out periodically to prevent pruning. So, if you ever walk in without being careful about it…

Nope, you didn't check well enough. I warned you. But hey, maybe if you play your cards right...

Nope, you didn’t check well enough. I warned you. But hey, maybe if you play your cards right…

So, what will you do? Allow the timeline to skew and let her become Nerine’s mom? Break off her relationship with Forbesii? Just ignore her and try to strengthen Forbesii and Sage’s relationship? Or maybe you’ll just convince her you’re better and snag her on top of Nerine. All the girls wanted you in Shuffle, why not here! Good luck~!

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  1. Wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey.

  2. Ah, my personal goddess of beauty Ai. Forbesii will never get her since I’ll definitely try to make her mine.
    Still, I don’t want to betray Nerine so I hope there’s a harem end possible. I wonder if you can take her with you back through the time line. Just dating her to fix the time line and then leaving her behind would feel like abusing her and I really don’t want that. She deserves better.

  3. I suddenly have a reason to keep the space time continuum working

  4. Welp, there goes my no-cheating theory 😀
    Oh well, a harem can be fun too (remember, polygamy is allowed in the world of the Gods)

  5. Well Eustoma and Forbesii both seemed to want to push for a harem end, if you chose anyone other than Sia or Nerine in the original.
    They even talk about making Rin king of not only the gods and demons (at the same time) but also trying to convince the leaders of Earthto make Rin king of the human world.

  6. She’s very hot,like the daughter *¬*

  7. Hmmm. I normally don’t like hyperboobs (I’m more of a loli fan) but she’s starting to grow on me.

  8. Is there any news regarding your partnership with Innocent Grey and the possibility to see Kara no Shoujo 2 and Cartagra translated? If I remember correctly, your meeting was delayed to April.

    • We’ve been talking with them in the past few weeks, and things are looking good, but it’ll be a while longer before we make any official announcements.

      • That’s fantastic, I hope you guys are able to announce more Innocent Grey games in the upcoming months!

        Also, while I know this probably won’t happen, I would like to say that I would be glad to buy another copy of Kara no Shoujo if you ever made a DVD release, and I know I’m not the only one hoping for that.

      • That’s good news indeed, keeping my fingers crossed for Cartagra or Pianissimo

  9. Thanks Mangagamer for bringing Tick Tack over and I do hope you get the other sequels like Really! Really?, Shuffle! Love Rainbow and Shuffle Essence+ which is a great update of the original with a lot more girls.
    I’m also a fan of Da Capo so it be nice if you also bring over Da Capo Plus Communication and Da Capo III R X-Rated which is the 18+ edition! 🙂

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