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MangaGamer Winter Sale!


Today we’re happy to announce our upcoming two week Winter Sale! From December 12th until December 26th, we’re offering 25% or more off on select titles! Come celebrate the holidays with some of the finest  games we have to offer! Hardcopies are on sale too, so you can buy some of our great games as gifts for your friends! Check the full list after the break!  Continue reading

Programmer's Corner – Writing a Visual Novel Engine


Doddler here, Mangagamer’s resident programmer. Really? Really! has just released, and it’s been a really exciting project for me for a variety of reasons. It’s the second game that I’ve had to port, the first one being Tick Tack, but this time I chose to do something different. Rather than rely on an existing visual novel system like before, I made one from scratch using the Unity Game Engine. Why did I go to such extremes, and did it pay off? Well, lets take a look. Continue reading

Building Tick Tack

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So it’s been a few weeks since Tick Tack has come out now, the game has been doing reasonably well. It might not be obvious to those playing the game (I hope it’s not!), but unlike recent titles we’ve released recently, Tick Tack was actually ported to a new game engine. I wanted to talk a little bit about why this happened, and my experience in porting the game. Also check out the end of the post for the game guide/walkthrough.
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