Warrior Princess Asuka

WarriorPrincessAsukaToday we’re proud to announce Warrior Princess Asuka is up for pre-order, releasing on November 29th! We’d also like to share some comments from the developers at Hentai Industries!
Hello. I’m Alamar Cinkokusai, a hentai industry chairman. Have you already enjoyed Ruby Striker? Well then, this time we have a work for you where a princess with huge breasts is raped by monsters, with a feast settings which have been staples in past titles, “Warrior Princess Asuka.”
By the way, the Japanese title was “tou_ki_rei_jou asuka.baku_nyuu ou_jo ni karami_tuku syokusyu to slime”. If I convert each word into English…

baku nyu=Huge tits
ou jo=Princess
karami_tuku=Coil around

It would probably turn out like this.
(In the event I’m mistaken, I’m sure the staff uploading this to the web will correct it.)
You may be able to more or less get the entire meaning when you read it word for word, but while the initial “tou ki rei jou” has its own meanings for each word, this is a term the scenario writer Honda coined by pulling them all into a single vocabulary, so I believe it will actually be quite difficult to translate. For these sorts of reasons, the English localization staff named it “Warrior Princess Asuka” so it would be easy to understand.

Amamiya_Tsumugi_CG_blockedThis work’s CG artist, Amamiya Tsumugi has fairly eccentric tastes, so even now he is creating outrageous titles which other authors would not adhere to even now. Kairo Honda and I are in charge of the scenario of his latest work, “sin_nyuu_sei_bo_sin arrya.sei_bo_sin sura in_tyuu_bou_nyu_zeme de dametu suru!

You can see a short introduction if you hit the play button, so I do hope you will watch.

Changing the subject, I had the pleasure of reading all the comments users left back during Ruby Striker. Both the positive and negative opinions are being used for reference and increase the staff’s motivation, so please keep them coming!

Finally, the reason for the lack of voice actress Honda Shiori-san’s voice commentary is that unfortunately she has already retired from being a voice actress, so we could not receive her comments. Her retirement was sudden, so it temporarily became hot news amongst fans, but the reason hasn’t yet been made clear. That’s basically the situation, so asking her to do so now was deemed difficult, and we gave up on it.

We intend to dispatch the creator’s messages to the entire world as much as possible, but there are things that can’t be helped, so I hope you can forgive such situations.

Well then, see you next time!




Alamar Chinkokusai


I’m the person in charge of the scenario for “Warrior Princess Asuka” Kairo Honda. In this work, a fighting princess is raped by all sorts of grotesque creatures. Amamiya Tsumugi-san, who worked on CG, and I scrutinized which monsters would be appropriate to face the princess with, and the ones we chose wound up in the game. I had the privilege of writing a setting which conveyed the beautiful princess’ voluptuous body being stubbornly tortured by monsters. By all means, please enjoy Princess Asuka’s lewd story!

Kairo Honda

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  1. Minimum CPU: 1GHZ Pentium 3
    Recommended CPU: 1.5GHz Pentium 4

    lolwut, those CPUs are practically neck and neck in CPU performance benchmarks. MHz Myth much?

  2. Gonna preorder as soon as I can access the mangagamer site (it isn’t loading up for me for some reason today).

  3. my type of game looking forward to ordering when site’s back up.

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