Touma Kojirou's Clients

04Today we’re introducing the members of the theater troupe who’s asked for Touma’s assistance.

First there’s Minase Tomoe, Touma Reina’s friend. As the daughter who inherited the theater, she’s the only one with a key to the theater. When the theater receives the threatening letter from Phantom, Tomoe is the one who calls upon Touma for help investigating the case.

Then there’s Minase Kaori, Tomoe’s older sister, and one of the theater’s greatest actors. Well, not so much for her acting ability, but for her unique aura and charisma. She’s the kind of woman who knows what she wants, and gets what she wants.05

Minase Kaori is voiced by Ooba Jun, a voice actress with over 180 different roles including Kawano Harumi in To Heart 2, Nanao Nana in SSSS, as well as Cattleya in Zero no Tsukaima and Izumi Ako in Negima.

One of the other theater’s big actors is Nanase Ako, one who’s acting talent is top notch. 06

Nanase Ako is voiced by Iino Shiori, a voice actress better known by her other name, Kimura Ayaka, and one we’ve discussed before with Toutaku from Koihime Musou, and Usui Yukihi in Sexy Demon Transformation.

The other main actor is Sanjo Naoya, a handsome yet narcissistic man who’s also a womanizer. He’s playing one of the leading male roles in the upcoming performance.03

Lastly, there’s Sendo Tatsuya, one of the backstage staff, and Hayami Yuuichi, a reporter there to cover the performance.

One of these six is the culprit, but who?!

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