Tester's Corner: Milles Ed. Vol 1

cg 2Hello! Belucre here, with her first tester’s corner for Milles, Knight of Anal Tyranny!

Without any memories and lost in a strange land, Milles awakens to a nightmarish situation, attacked by monsters who crave female flesh. Managing to escape the tentacled horrors, she takes refuge in the nearby town. There, she gains an ally and a friend when she meets Cadia, a bounty hunter with a lust for treasure, and a few secrets of her own.

But Milles has more pressing troubles than just her amnesia, as she learns of the local god, Diva, and how he demands sacrifices each year in exchange for protecting the land. However, not all are content with this arrangement, as the royal princess, Regina, plots to escape with Sadin, this year’s intended sacrifice, to be free from Diva’s depraved demands once and for all.cg 1

Milles must choose between focusing on her quest for her memories, or to defy this powerful god and help the oppressed people of the kingdom—but to do so also means venturing back into the forest, infested with hungry creatures at every turn…

Milles, Knight of Anal Tyranny is a straightforward nukige, but with a heavy emphasis on taboo sex. For anyone looking for more deviant content, it’s anything but vanilla: sadomasochism, voyeurism, bestiality, bondage, and the like are all given heavy emphasis. The four girls have their own individual routes, with five to seven sex scenes each, including animated ones. Additionally, there is also an option to remove scat and pubic hair.

cg-3On a visual note, the artwork excels when it comes to portraying expressions of misery or frustration, with bright coloring and appealing character designs. The music also does well with creating the atmosphere, particularly during the more ominous scenes.

Milles_CG09As a nukige, the story isn’t the focus of the title. Still, the characters have some depth to them, and are more than helpless victims waiting to be ravaged. I pitied them as they ventured through dangerous territory, and feared for them as they battled lethal creatures. My favorite heroine is the timid and gentle Sadin, whose masochistic desires make her vulnerable prey. Each girl is designed to appeal to their own niche: Regina is for those who prefer a tsundere princess, whose royal status means her degradation is that much more humiliating. Cadia, despite her fiery temper, is ashamed of being a futanari, a weakness which is exploited mercilessly. And Milles is an inexperienced lover, but fiercely loyal to those whom she has sworn alliance to.cg-5

Considering this is the first game I’ve beta-tested for MangaGamer, this is a dark introduction indeed. For those willing to venture into the forest with Milles, it’s a fun adventure—but admittedly, a dark, twisted one, where the best outcomes are devoid of hope and even the happiest endings are dubious.

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  1. Very nicely written.
    DEFINETELY not my type of game, though.

  2. That was well written. I hope the second game you get to beta test is lighter.

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