Lapis Gunner

Lapis Gunner

We are proud to announce that Lapis Gunner
, the sequel to Ruby Striker is now up for pre-orders!

Lapis Gunner sets out to rescue Ruby Striker from the claws of evil, but gets caught herself instead. Sacrificed to a joyfully wriggling horde of tentacles, Lapis Gunner’s reason begins to crumble. And then, before the girl at her limit, Ruby Striker appears, but…

As a reminder, our release is uncensored, while the version sold on is censored :3

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  1. Tired to wait Cartagra. I thought Really? Really!, Imouto Paradise, D2B vs Deardrops & Armored Warrior Iris were the only last things before the release of Cartagra but new shit appear all the time.

    • raincoat superstar

      This is why it pays to not get too excited when the likes of MangaGamer and Jast announce games that interest you. Like I did when MG announced Imouto Paradise and more Innocent Grey/Noesis titles seemingly forever ago.

      Oh well. If stuff like this brings in money for MG which they can then use to license and translate better games, hopefully more quickly than it currently takes, then it can only be a good thing. Maybe.

      • Imopara is in testing right now. I actually can launch the title at this very moment and go play Aya’s route if I wanted to.

  2. Another nukige? 🙁 When is R?R! gonna get a date?

  3. huh the artwork looks a lot better than in Ruby Striker. maybe I’ll give it a go.

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