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Today we’re proud to present some comments from the creators of Lapis Gunner!

Hello Konnichiwa. I’m the chairman of Hentai Industries, Alamar Cinkokusai. All you tentacles fans in the world, sorry to keep you waiting.

Created by two of the most renowned tentacle creators in Japan, Jacky & assault, the sequel to the low price tentacle game, “Lapis Gunner” is finally here!

The production of its prequel “Ruby Striker,” is when the two, who already had respect towards each others’ work, met for the first time and had shown their love for tentacles in their own way. Although they did a wonderful job with it, as being the director, I felt that the two were still trying to seek each other’s intentions. But by the time we released “Lapis Gunner”, they went all out with their capabilities and tentacle love!

Also, Ruby Striker makes an appearance in this game too, so if you liked the prequel, rejoice!

By the way, you can only hear him speaking in the game, but Zodiac the villain actually has a design. Which is this:


This Jewel Star series is a trilogy that ends in the 3rd game, Amber Breaker, but the series continues on to a story of an alternate world, “Prisoners of Tentacle Hell”.

His past is revealed to an extent in that series.
Zodiac actually has no sexual desire. Pretty rare for a male character in a hentai game, eh?

I do want to release the “Prisoners of Tentacle Hell” in the long run, so if you are interested, please give me your thoughts and support! (Although if you have read this far, I’m sure you are interested!)

But before I go, let me show you another CG since only a few people can enjoy looking at a guy afterall. This is Celfis, the mage, from “Prisoners of Tentacle Hell”


Celfis holds a strong magical power that surpasses Zodiac, but as I feared, it looks like she was no match for the tentacles.

By the way, after Lapis Gunner, I am planning to work on “Royal Guard Melissa,” the sequel to “Warrior Princess Asuka”.

See you next time!

Alamar Chinkokusai

I’m Ann Kasuga who plays the role of Lapis Gunner. I’m really looking forward to the fact that people oversea will be able to play Lapis Gunner now. I’m excited to meet a lot of new people.

See you!
Ann Kasuga
(Lapis Gunner)

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  1. While I don’t have much interest in this, it’s always fascinating to hear from developers about their games. We need more of this for other titles I think~

  2. I was wondering if they were gonna do one of these since there wasn’t anything like this in the post with the announcement. Good to hear from you Alamar & Ann 🙂

  3. Any chance of them changing the graphics? I don’t know why, but I just cannot get into the type of drawings they do… The characters seem too masculine with simply exaggerated other features.

  4. this z goñna to be bestsellar

    mind-breaking games be cool.

  5. Who’s “Magical Tints” in the first picture?

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