Meet the Imoutos #1: Aya


This is Aya, the oldest of the (100% blood-related) sisters in Imouto Paradise. She is in many ways the perfect imouto. She cooks, cleans, and is receptive to her brother’s (your) lechery. As the maternal figure of the household, the other sisters look up to her to do all the daily chores that they can’t be arsed to do because they’re too busy trying to win their brother’s (perverted) attention.


Normally I’d expect the heroine-type to be a pure and virtuous maiden. However, I believe the naked apron proves she is anything but.


In fact, she is surprisingly lusty. She might not be as kinky as Michika, but she’s definitely eager to please beloved Nii-san.


But she also knows that sharing is caring. She would not be so rude as to deny her sisters their fair share of Nii-san. She understands that sexy time can be, and indeed SHOULD BE, fun for the whole family.

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  1. My new favorite. Can’t wait for the next installment of Meet the Imoutos.

  2. I have a little question on this game: Have we the possibility to finish a route without sleeping with more than one heroin ?

  3. Does this VN have any plot or is it just an arbitrary chain of H-scenes with no mood building at all?

    How is the writing in comparison to other VNs?
    1.) Chaotic slice of life comedy (Overdrive)
    2.) Romantic slice of life comedy (Shuffle!, Otoboku)
    3.) Naughty slice of life and action comedy (Koihime)
    4.) Parodic silly (SDT, Touma)
    5.) Retarded silly (Rest of MG’s SHS titles)

    I think I might be able to enjoy it until 4, but if it reaches levels of 5 or worse I better pass on it. Having a protagonist like the one from BW2 run through the city and grab the boobs of every female being is just shameful, there’s absolutely nothing funny about it anymore.

  4. looking forward to this VN, but looking at the unblocked version of the last pic(aya loses her virginity in that one) it seems we won’t be able to just sleep with only one. I’m guessing we’ll sleep with all of them before we get locked in any of the routes.

    • I just looked at the cgs, and Aya has two seperate virginity loss scenes. So chances are it will be something like you pick whatever girl you want x amount of times to get into her route like in Eroge, and if you want harem you alternate between them.

      That or each girl gets a scene then you can pick, since each girl’s first scene is non penetrative so blood does not equal first scene.

      • Does it means taht we can do this game without taking more than one virginity by route (harem route excepted)?

      • I would have to guess yes. Considering the virginity scene for any girl is her fourth scene, then I would guess that scene is what sets her as the main just like in Eroge.

  5. I’m liking this game already ^_^

  6. She doesn’t seems too bad. For now there is no heroine i dislike althought i think she would be my least favorite girl.

  7. Any uncensored pics of this? These are way too high quality to.miss out on :3

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