Tester’s Corner: Armored Warrior Iris Ed. Vol 2

Iris Overview

Today we’re proud to present our second tester’s corner for Armored Warrior Iris!


When I first got a hold of this game for testing, I must admit that I was quite scared of it. I’d heard tales of Black Lilith titles before, what with their terrifying bad ends and all. I always feel quite bad for the heroines during those sorts of mind-break (or worse) endings, and it ruins my ability to enjoy the game.

However, I took the plunge anyway and was happy to discover that Armored Warrior Iris was not as disturbing as I originally thought. Yes, there are bad ends and other strange things in the game, but they hardly detract from the experience. Rather, if you’re into this sort of hardcore stuff, this game is going to be a great time. Let me get into some specifics.



The art in Armored Warrior Iris is excellent, to say the least. There are a lot of different fetishes, aliens, and things to represent in the game, and all of them are drawn quite nicely. Big breasts, small breasts, dozens of strange dicks, tentacles, machinery; it’s all here and more, and it looks good. None of the proportions feel off (except, of course, for when that’s part of the sex), and shading is nice, and the female bodies look very pretty. The aliens themselves have an interesting amount of creativity put into them, and you can really tell that the original artist came up with a lot of new alien ideas. I must also pay special note to the good work of Mangagamer’s decensoring team, as the genitals look great as well. The penises and vaginas all look nice even with their variety.

Iris Music


There aren’t many tracks at all, and the ones that are there feel a bit repetitive. This doesn’t tend to be much of an issue during the sex scenes, as the moans of the characters often eclipse the music, but during the quieter story sequences it can get a bit grating. The tracks are well placed sometimes, but overall it’s just a bit below average.

Iris Story


The story was actually much better than I was expecting from Black Lilith. This game is about Iris, a member of the elite Armored Warriors who pilots a mech. She and her partner, Mei Li, crash during battle, and Iris awakens a few days later only to be captured and sold to a brothel. Uncertain about her partner’s fate or her own, Iris tries to make the best of her circumstances while searching for a way to escape. Whether or not she does I won’t spoil, but the game’s ending is heavily dependent on your choices as a player, which are always about which customer Iris will have sex with on a given evening. The arcs are all satisfying, and the True End/Good End are especially great to read. The story arc is very present in between the sex scenes, and it’s a fun ride.


Sexual Content

This is where this game really shines through with splendid colors. No matter what sort of fetish you’re into, it’s here. Futanari? Check. Huge tits with lactating nipples? Check. Tentacles? Check. Wriggling insect-things finding their way around a woman’s body? Check. I could sit here all day and list off all the fetishes this game caters to, but I can safely say there’s something here for everyone. If you’re into any sort of hardcore hentai fetishes, you will no doubt be pleased by this game, and maybe you’ll even discover a couple of new fetishes while you’re at it since there are so many. Of course, this game is not for the faint of heart. If you’re only looking for vanilla sex, this is not the place to be. The sex scenes in this game are intense, and very fetishized. Sometimes the scenes can be especially messed up, and if you’re not expecting it you may be a bit jarred. I won’t spoil anything, but just know that you might come across something in this game that can push your limits.

Voice Acting

I really hope the voice actors/actresses who worked on this game manage to break into the mainstream voice over industry, because damn are they good. Iris (An Kasuga) especially sounds great, and can be convincing in both the confident Armored Warrior role and the submissive sex slave role. Her cries sound actually anguished and/or aroused, and she does a great job of getting us into the character.


Final Remarks

This is a great eroge, and one that you should definitely check out if you’re into the hardcore stuff. It’s not for vanilla players at all, but almost every other fetish is covered here. The art and voice acting are great as well, and the story is a good read in between sex scenes. The music is the only thing that holds this game back from being an altogether awesome entry. But seriously, body-modifying alien sex? Go have a good time, readers.

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  1. I’m a (classic) Black Cyc veteran, this game is a delight but to me it’s nowhere near my limit.

  2. Display names on these tester’s corners would be nice, unless for some reason the testers don’t even want their handle known…

    • This way my review. I’m pretty stoked to see it up, it was my first tester’s corner. I agree with you that having the testers’ handles would be nice.

      • Nice Tester’s Corners.
        It seems to me that more and more writers for the Tester’s Corners go for in-depth reviews. Nukio’s silly style is great, but I also like posts such as this one 🙂

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