Tester’s Corner: Armored Warrior Iris Ed. Vol 1


Today we’re proud to present the first Tester’s Corner for Armored Warrior Iris from Lilith!

Join the dark side of space; I welcome you to Armored Warrior Iris, a Sci-fi themed dark erotic VN.

Iris is the member of a 101 special unit of Armored troops, belonging to the federal army SSF. Along with her partner Mei Li they form a powerful team in the fight against a galaxy-wide human trafficking ring. They share a strong bond, but after things turn bad during a mission for Iris and her partner, Iris ends up captured by an Orc then taken to be sold at auction in Dark Town. Bought by the criminal leader of this town, Bozuk, to serve as a prostitute at his mansion for a host of different species, she soon has to please criminals she once pursued.

Can she escape Bozuk’s mansion? Will she ever find her partner who went MIA?

Bozuk, Jabba's long lost relative and the king-pin of Dark Town.

Bozuk, Jabba’s long lost relative and the king-pin of Dark Town.

This is a brief intro to the story, but you are likely here for the sex and this game serves that with a variety of flavor and is one of the key components into my enjoyment of this game, along with the lovely uncensored art work and character design from the artist ZOL. The game has sexy voice acting and a total of five different endings based on your choices. This being a Black Lilith title, you can expect very extreme, dark, and disturbing sex scenes and I would not want it any other way.

Armored Warrior partners in training.

Armored Warrior partners in training.

Iris gets to choose who she wants to serve as a prostitute at each choice, and you have three main options: Humans, Aliens, and body modified. With the humans you get your standard cosplay sex to gang bangs, as expected of any ero game. The aliens route is dependent on species, where stuff gets unique and very perverted from weird double dick monsters to strange giant sperm species and tentacle welding life-forms. I loved the variety of sex presented from these out-of-this-world creatures and their unique sexual methods. Finally the body modifying route is also another reason I enjoyed the erotic scenes in this game. Iris’ body gets transformed to suit the customer’s request–from big boobs one scene to a lolicon the next to even my personal favorite fetish, pregnancy. Her body gets manipulated for the customer’s desire. This variety made the game very appealing as I could pick and choose a scene to suit a mood I was in, giving the erotic scenes and bit more replay value due to the variety. I only found one or two scenes not to my enjoyment.

This Dyfo could possibly be related to me due to its disturbed interest for pregnancy. ;)

This Dyfo could possibly be related to me due to its disturbed interest for pregnancy. 😉

The story had enough intriguing elements to keep me interested in how Iris would fare, while pushing the erotic content along nicely. Iris hates being forced into prostitution and slavery at first, but her perverted inner desire awakens throughout the story. This plot device, while very typical of these sort of games, is well crafted into the story, and the concept of Iris escaping Bozuk’s mansion, all while trying to find her partner Mei Li without giving in to her slowly overwhelming sexual desire felt intriguing to read. I also really enjoyed the voice actress, Kasuga Anne (春日アン), and felt she added extra depth to Iris. How she could portray Iris as a strong-willed, determined character to a lust-filled slut or unwilling partner came across well in the various scenes throughout the game.

Overall I enjoyed this game for its high amount of dark erotic content and sexual variety while keeping an intriguing story. I would obviously recommend this for fans of darker erotic content who enjoy a varied variety of fetishes. Hopefully we will see some more Lilith games announced later this year. I know I can think of another sci-fi themed trilogy of games I would love to see MangaGamer announce.

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  1. There’s no mention who the tester was–unless it was Kouryuu himself.

  2. This was my tester review. I thought they would mention me in the intro title.I had fun testing this game and was very lucky to get a game I was really interested in for my first beta-test.

    • Heya Murderous. Congrats on your tester corner and for finishing the game. I just bought my copy and finished my first playthrough.

      Here’s to hopefully more Lilith games in our future! /cheers

      • Hey! Hey! Thanks DrtyBird. Even thou I got the game for free in the tester phase I still went a brought it to support the future of more Lilith tiles.
        Also hope you liked my reference at the end.

  3. Can’t wait to get this one.

  4. Really enjoyed this, but then again I enjoy everything by Black Lilith (and most of anime Lilith). Can’t wait for the next title MG releases (I think it was Space Pirate Sarah?), and will definately pre-order that one too.

    Also..even if you are a tiny bit curious about this title, you should try it out! Might discover fetishes you never knew you enjoyed 😉

  5. Bought it and liked it. I hope the Lilith titles are selling well. I know we are getting Space Pirate Sarah too, but I’m hoping for more.

    By the way, I’d buy both Suvia and Iris again if hard copies are announced *hint hint*

    • I’m looking forward to Space Pirate Sarah.I’m expecting that we get some news on another set of titles from Lilith soon.The Anime Lilith brand, I think would be really popular.http://www.lilith-soft.com/anime/index.html

      I hope they are selling well enough to get the push for MangaGamer to release physical versions too.
      I would also gladly buy again on a physical release version.

  6. I bought this game to kill time until Space Pirate Sara comes out. It’s absolutely fantastic

  7. Whoa, this looks absolutely awesome, really nice job guys. By the way, I’ve been wondering if I can here a few questions.

    -Is Mangagamer working on Walkure Romanze?
    – Is Mangagamer going to take any h-game from the Kansen franchise, like Kansen Shuto Houkai or Kansen Inyoku no Rensa?

    See ya and keep up the good work guys.

  8. I really want to get Iris, especially with all the variety of stuff in it. I can’t wait…

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