Tester’s Corner: ImoPara Ed. Vol. 2

Take it away Tuna Salad!

A year or so ago, shortly after we first announced ImoPara, I was having an intense discussion with a friend of mine as to why people got off on sister fetishes. Him having an older sister, he conjectured that perhaps for those who have no first-hand experience with how miserable it is growing up with an actual sibling, a fictional harem setting like ImoPara’s would be quite enticing. Me, being an only child, disagreed on the premise that I had an older sister fetish and found younger sister stereotypes to be quite annoying.

One year passes, ImoPara falls on my lap, Aya shows up in a naked apron, I’m sold.


Yes I’m a sucker for naked apron play, fuck off.

In my defense, Aya’s the family caretaker, so she’s practically the doting older sister which is straight down my strike zone. Everywhere from at the dinner table, back of the bus, and even morning wood, Aya’s got you covered. Lest we not forget, everyone’s favorite, SOAPLAND! Not that there’s actually a soapland in game, but Aya provided the soapland services and with her tig ol’ bitties, it’s just–anyways…


Enough of the down and dirty H that I know all of you are going to get the game for. Other than the naughty, the filler material that guides you from H to H can be pretty amusing too. Aya’s the surrogate mother, nothing too fun about her. Rio is the physically abusive tsundere who is virtually all tsun in any route not her own. Hiyori is the red backpack who’s really cute in that almost normal little sister kind of way until you remember that she’s a heroine that gets boned at some point. Koharu is the sex kitten who’s sole purpose seems to be creating awkward situations for her big brother.


This was in the common route…

Then there’s Michika… no words can describe Michika and the sheer amounts of amusement I got from her with every story arc. Her H scenes weren’t quite my cup of tea, but everything in-between was solid gold.


This was in the common route…


Still the common route, and boy did that one escalate quickly…


You guessed it, common route. What a dick move…

Other than just the girls and the plot (lol, playing nukiege for the plot), there are some other token ‘features’ that are more novel than anything else. Some of the H scenes are mildly animated, Boob Wars level of animation. All H scenes come with an orgasm countdown (no screenshot available because I’m lazy), and I’m told that in the original there was a feature where you could press a button and it would tweet how many times you’ve squeezed one off via the game. We weren’t able to port that feature since Twitter’s changed since then…

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