VanThis week we’re taking a bit of time to talk about d2b, or the Second Literature Club.

It’s been many years since the events of Kira Kira for those in the Second Literature Club band. 10 whole years, in fact. While Kirari’s moved on and become a world famous singer, all the other members have completely distanced themselves from the world of music. They’ve graduated college, they’ve started working real, salaried jobs as fully fledged members of society, and most of them have reached that point in their lives where they’re finally starting to see just how bitter that can be. Their time in the band is just an old memory now.recording

For Shikanosuke, Chie, and Kashiwara, it’s become hard to tell if this is really the right way for them to be living their lives. As they’re looking to the past and worrying about their futures, Kirari finally returns to Japan, asking them to join her for her anniversary concert.

It’s a great chance, but none of them are young anymore. They all have jobs, responsibilities, obligations, and all the other bonds that tie adults down. They’re all forced to turn her offer down at first, but can they pull it off? Can they even perform like they used to after 10 years of letting their instruments collect dust? How will this once in a lifetime chance change their outlook on life? eventHow will DEARDROPS change them all?

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  1. Does the last sentence make sense? “How will DEARDROPS will change them all?”

  2. Just curious but does this follow any specific route in Kira Kira (which I still need to finish) or are they ambiguous about which route is canon?

  3. I’ve played both games and love them both for diffrent reasons. I’m curious to know if this one is a followup of the Kira/Riho routes, romance and all, or if it is just a followup of the two routes but it was like there was no romance.

  4. definitely the Kirari route from Kirakira and Riho, from DEARDROPS, because Kirari only becomes a singer in her own route, and Shoichi Suganuma only goes back to Germany to re-join the Symphony Orchestra as a violinist in Riho’s route.

  5. So Shikanosuke and Kirari didn’t get together in the true route?! How disappointing…

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