event_DDThis week we’re taking a bit of time to talk about DEARDROPS.

For DEARDROPS, it’s only been three years since Shoichi left for his stint in Germany. For most of them, it’s been three years spent refining and polishing up their skills, building themselves up so they’ll be ready to hit the ground running when Shoichi finally returns. All except for Riho. While all the other members have made steady improvement, Riho has been stuck banging her head against the wall in her own singing ability. No matter what she’s tried so far, she hasn’t been able to break through it and move on the next level. For her, the years have been nothing but frustration. Frustration at her failed attempts, frustration at her lack of progress, and frustration at herself for growing weak and starting to worry if she’s finally hit her ceiling, and whether or not she’s becoming a disappointment to Shoichi.

In the midst of all that frustration and anxiety, she catches a broadcast of Shoichi’s latest performance–together on stage with Kirari. Then the tabloids start writing news about a love affair between the two of them! As Riho’s worries and frustration continue to grow, Shoichi finally makes his return to Japan–right alongside Kirari. Not only that, but he returns with the offer for a new major concert–performing together with Kirari at her anniversary concert. As Riho’s frustrations and worries continue to grow, what fate lies in store for DEARDROPS? Can Riho overcome this hurdle in her life? How will Kirari and the Second Literature Club change the future of DEARDROPS?ev03

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