12 Days of Visual Novels – eden* PLUS+MOSAIC

SionSantaWelcome, sale-loving denizens of the Internet! Since I’ve already written at-length about eden*‘s plot and the translation’s development history in previous blog posts, I thought I’d talk a bit about how eden* has done post-release this time around! More after the jump~

To start, if there’s anyone who is curious about the aforementioned plot and development history, you can find my previous posts here:

eden* – Introductions For an overview of the plot.
eden* – Version Differences For a look at the Steam versus adult version content.
eden* – Translator’s Corner For a look at the translation’s development, from fansub to official release.

With that out of the way, I’m happy to say that it has been very well received. In terms of raw units sold, I believe eden* is in the top 5 MG sellers of all time at this point; something that many saw as a pipe dream following ef’s digital release over 3 years ago (which I’m also happy to say did exceptionally well in hard copy format, selling out in record time!)

Although its relatively low price point makes it a good impulse buy, I am also happy to say that it has a very high ratio of positive votes as well, even on Steam, where many users may not be huge visual novel fans (yet–we’re working on that, heh).

You don't get much more glowing a review than "I wish I paid more money for it."

You don’t get much more glowing a review than “I wish I paid more money for it.”

It’s my hope that all these things combined will convince anyone still holding out on purchasing the title to take the plunge, even if you’ve never played a minori game before, and maybe even if you aren’t normally a fan of military settings or dramatic plotlines. eden* is certainly one of the best visual novels in its category, so I promise, you won’t regret it. If you need that last nudge, by all means, check out the gorgeously animated opening theme below:

What did you think about eden*? Let us know in the comments or using the hashtag #12daysofVNs! Check back tomorrow for our next installment of the 12 Days of Visual Novels!

12 Days of Visual Novels Campaign

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  1. Would be nice to get a hard copy of this as well. Certainly would get my money, and it would bring a very welcome boost to the Supipara fundraiser.

  2. eden* HC would be nice, would definitely be willing to double xip on it.. Hopefully it would include the reduced mosaics treatment that was previously mentioned (any news on that?).

  3. *eden is amazing. Memorable characters, emotional plot and beautiful artwork. One of the best visual novels.

  4. Hi MangaGamer! Not sure where to post this, but may I suggest a title?
    Rance IX – Helman Kakumei

    By far the most interesting of the Rance series, and now that Alicesoft games have been licensed, there’s little hope of it being translated by any other than Mangagamer. Please don’t let the Rance translations end!! I rarely buy any games from here, but Rance IX is one of the few I would be gladly willing to pay money for.

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